Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Twinks

I realized I have not done a post about my twins. They are 6 months old now.

Probably too much information for a blog post, but my Doctor recommended scheduling the babies' birthdate as I had walked around dilated at 5cm for a week and have a history of no labor pains until within an hour of delivery. He didn't want me to risk delivering twins on the side of the road, but promised to drive to meet me if need be.  I think he initially trusted me, after all I did have 3 other children...however at each appointment as I progressed and assured him it was only Braxton Hicks and nothing more, he lost confidence.  Turns out I can't tell the difference between BH and real contractions.

Friday morning came (May 20th) and I was started on a low dose of pic, to slowly get things going.  I didn't think it was working, I could feel pressure when I had to lay down and get hooked up to monitor to check on the babies, but when I got up and moved around I felt nothing different than what I had been having for the last month.  Any-who about 4-5 hrs after the pic was started my Doctor put on a fetal monitor on Baby A's head (she was low and I really had been progressing) my water broke and I finally felt my first undeniable contraction.  15 minutes later Baby A (Amelia Rose) was born at 2:40pm followed 6 minutes later by Baby B (Nora Grace) at 2:46.

We got to cuddle and hold the girls for several hours, and it was wonderful.  When Nora was placed on my chest the girls reached out and held each other's hand. My heart melted and it was wonderful, though to be honest I was afraid I was going to drop a baby.

Two more girls!  I really thought I was having a boy and a girl, but it was a good surprise.
By 32 weeks I didn't think my stomach could get any bigger.  My girls were born at 37 weeks, 2 days...and apparently your stomach can always get bigger.

I can't tell you who is who in this picture, I don't remember. It might be labeled on my facebook though.

Proud Daddy.  Always my favorite picture after having a new baby (or two). The smiling father holding his new bundle(s)

Big brothers were instantly in love with their new sisters.

Sometimes they are sweet and hold hands, more often than not in the early days they cry a lot and at the same time.

This giant pillow has been been my best friend (which funny enough, it is called the "My Breast Friend") It allowed for feeding both babies at the same time which meant sometimes I get to get up from my chair.

Nora is most likely to cry during a photo op, but during the day tends to be the happier baby.

We were worried about Bear and how she would adjust to no longer being the baby of the family.  She was instantly in love.  So much so everyday I have to save her sisters from being loved to death.

Josh is a good helper and routinely helps keep an eye on his sisters while I cook supper.  Most likely because he is always hungry and ready for more food.

The girls were baptized in June, and have proud Godparents. 

They often position themselves in the same way, which to me is adorable.
To me everything any of my kids do border on the adorable line though.

I look at this picture and say, "Yep, they are definitely fraternal.  How do people get them mixed up?"

Then I look at this picture and say " know they do actually look a lot a like. I wonder if we should have them tested to see if they are identical?"

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