Photo Bombs

A weekly photo bomb post with pictures of the kidlets so the Hubby doesn't miss out on watching them grow.

Week 1: Messy babies
Week 2: Fun and Games
Week 3: Couch Potatoes
Week 4: PB&Js (broken camera, so only one night's worth of pics)
Week 5: Climb, climb, climb
Week 6: Mom's little helpers
Week 7: Backyard Fun
Week 8: The Big D's first haircut
Week 9 : Story Time to Pass the Time
Week 10: Fun Out of the Sun
Week 11: Weekend at Grandpa's Ranch
Week 12: Can you believe we have TWO Toddlers?
Week 13:  Little Boys, Big Imaginations
Week 14: Another round of haircuts
Week 15: Indoor Playcation
Week 16: Weddings, Birthdays...and CANDY!!!
Week 17: Learning Habits & Tricks
Week 18: Safflower and Phone Pics (Forgot to put the card in the camera)
Week 19: Fort Building, Tractor Riding, Book Reading Boys
Week 20: No Kisses For You Mom
Week 21: Visiting Family
Week 22: More Little Boy Cuteness
Week 23: Visit to Grandmas House
Week 24: A Boy and His Hats
Week 25: Daddy's Boy
Week 26: Just Realized I Dress the Boys in Stripes A LOT!
Week 27: Batman tries his hand at Ranching
Week 28: Growing Boys
Week 29: Teething, Climbing, and Reflecting on Loss
Week 30: Thanksgiving
Week 31: Under the Weather
Week 32: Thank Goodness For Family
Week 33: Oh No...We're Sick Again!
Week 34: Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow
Week 35: Christmas is Here!
Week 36: Happy New Year!
Week 37: Cold and Lonely
Week 38: The Games We Play
Week 39: New Baby in the Family
Week 40: SuperBowl Sunday...and the week leading up to it
Week 41: Daycare Changes
Week 42: