Saturday, January 13, 2018

Few of My Favorite Things Friday- 1/12/17

Gracers packing around a baby doll. Wiping the face, tucking in with blankets and pillows. She is such a sweet tiny momma, taking care of the dollies.

Meekers giggling "Nos" and face full of smiles when she means "yes"

The boyos excitement of going to the basketball games with Grandma & Grandpa 

Chair-blanket tents in the livingroom for a campout. Both boys received 100s on their spelling tests. Bear joined them. Then tents collapsed soo many times. Big D slept under the roll top desk for a cave. Bug made himself home on a couch.  Bear insisted on sleeping under chairs with her collapsing tent. What felt like a disaster was a fun and loved memory. Look at the world through eyes of children and what joy you shall see.

Temperatures starting to warm up.

Snuggles on the couch with fuzzy blankets.

Reading a book with a cup of coffee at naptime.

Enjoying a new guilty pleasure "The Crown" at naptime.

Welcome home hugs when Dad comes home from a long day.

My husband cleaning up the vomit off the floor from a child sick overnight and letting me sleep in a bit.

That's the thing,  small little moments woven into hard moments. Up all night with kods but sliding under the covers next to the man who in his sleeps wraps his arms around you. He makes coffee in the morning and tells you your are doing a great job when feel like a failure. The silver linings will always be my favorite.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Few of My Favorite Things (January 4, 2018)

Watching Ducktales with my kids. Actually enjoying the remake and David Tennant voices Scrooge and I am a nerd and love Tennant from his Dr. Who stint. Plus I loved Ducktales in my youth.

Finally getting weather above 0F. Bug declared it "kinda got out" and was trying to explain why he couldn't play outside with his coat because it was too hot for that many layers. Their unreasonable mother made them bundle, it was nice to get out of the house.

Kid stories. Today the girlies and I headed to the walkin (sinus infections & ear infections) and there was a little table and 6 chairs. Bear declares we should play family. I was assigned the mom, she was the big sister and the Twinks were her little sisters. We all felt confident in getting in character for our roles. Scene one, we had pancakes. Unfortunately after an improtu book reading session (despite Bear reminding everyone that Mom's rules strictly forbid books at the table when there is food) a beast stole and ate all of our pancakes. I was sent to the other side of the waiting room/kitchen to make more pancakes and we were able to trap the beast in a jar. He was described and verified as liking to play games, nice manners, and loves pancakes.

While watching commercials "Maybe Mom is right. Maybe we do want everything we see"

I picked up a pair of boots that I had resoled today. They were my Mom's from early in her marriage , didn't fit her right so she didn't wear them. I discovered them in college and wore off the heels early in my marriage. Sentimental thing and cheaper than buying a new pair. Only took me 7 years to get it done. By the way I highly recommend the Cowboy Cobbler.

Monday, December 18, 2017

I Love You To My Butt

So Bear's recent thing is saying throughout the day when I am helping her with something, or snuggling her, "I just love you".

So I always tell her "I love you too."

We had read the book Snip Snap Croc a few months back, for a period of time it enjoyed the status as favorite.  As such, I started adding in that I loved her "as high as the sky, river deep, and ocean wide."

Bear's response is to hold her hands slightly apart and say "I love you this much, just a tiny bit".

I then spread my arms all the way apart and tell her "I love you this much."

Then she spreads her arms way apart and reaches behind her back to hold her hands together while saying "I love Daddy to all the way around my back". Which has since been shorten to "I love my Daddy all" and occasionally "I love Daddy behind my back".  

Why yes, Bear is a Daddy's girl.  Keen of  you to pick up on that. You might also be aware that as cute as it is, it still hurts Mom's feelers a wee bit.

I can usually negotiate and get Bear to spread her hands a little farther apart, but always "I just love you little, I love my Daddy all!" 

This afternoon she was feeling generous, she put her arms around and smacked her thighs "I love you to my butt!"

Ha ha, Thanks kid.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

A Few of My Favorite Things

Fridays will be a weekly wrap up of snippets of my favorite things from the week.  Because I am me, we are kicking off Favorite Things Friday on Saturday.

  • Toddlers kisses and the exaggerated puckered lips
  • Twins holding hands and running through the house together giggling
  • Big D's school work helpfully pointing out to his teacher that "My mom's feet are big". 
  • My husband coming home earlier than expected.
  • Hearing my older kids reading to their siblings.
  • Bug organizing a concert and helping his brother and sister work on and practice their songs.
  • The director getting stage fright when it was his turn to sing.
  • Getting the mail and opening more Christmas cards than bills.
  • Timing right for the kids and I to watch their Dad get loaded with mud from the lake project.
  • Taking a long shower and not having the door knocked on once, or having any conversations through the door.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Santa Clause Came to Town

On Saturday I took the kiddos to Miles City to meet Santa Claus.  By sheer luck the Children's  ChristmasShop was going on at the High School.  My Sister used to take my niece and nephew and I remember them gifting the most random and delighful things. Fishing lure earrings and an opera cassette tape.  So much fun opening a complete surprise.  I was rusty with how it all works and what amount of money they needed for shopping.

The rules are kiddos aged 4-10 or 4-12? I can't remember at the moment.  We are rule breakers and I sent Bear who won't turn 4 until March.  No adults are allowed.  Your child goes with a volunteer, who I would guess were high school aged, and they are supposed to have a list and their money.  I did not send my children with lists, my goal was for them to do their Sibling Secret Santa.  Also $5 is more than needed, $1 per person on the list I would guess is about right based on the change and presents they returned with.  There must be a table that wraps and labels the items for the kids.

Bug drew Meekers, Big D drew Bug, Bear drew Gracers, Meekers drew Big D, and Gracers drew Bear.  Bear and Bug shopped for Meekers, so a few tags will be switched.  Bear also came back with a present labeled to her from Santa and a gift for me and 3 bags for Meekers.  Bug had change and went for a second round to shop for Mom & Dad. Big D had two presents and change. Overall they enjoyed it and the experience of shopping for others.  They older kids really wanted to give hints and brag about their finds, within 1 hour of drawing names the Secret part of Secret Santa  was out of the bag. I am hoping we can hold out another 3 weeks for some surprises when it comes time to unwrap presents.

The big event was apparently Happy Meals at McDonald's complete with Hello Kitty teacups and Pokemon figurines.  As the twins napped on the way up, we grabbed food and ate in the parking lot and snuck in a half hour early to see Santa.  In years past the line has been a couple hours long and with 5 kids it isn't worth it if they are fussy.  There was a line but it wasn't too bad and Murdoch's has double carts.  Which ranks them pretty high in my book, double carts are a Godsend.  Bear curled up in every ones coats in the cart and the twinks were buckled and contained.  The boys made friends with a family behind us and played the whole time.  I forgot to confiscate toys before it was time to see Santa.  Bug handed Santa a list which Mom thinks she had a peek at first, but his lists are an evolving thing.  The littles seemed indifferent to Santa as long as I held them, the attempt to sit on his lap was ill fated.  As soon as they were in Mom's arms they were happy though. Santa received many hugs from the older 3 and Big D told him what Bear wanted because she was too shy/star struck to speak.  I was so excited for the picture.  The I noticed Meekers has her hand in my shirt and Bug was more concerned with showing off his pokemon.

In my mind the trip was also going to include Christmas shopping for teachers and grandparents and maybe groceries.  However, though the kids were cheerful still, I was was tired and not up for another store. So home we went.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Tales from the Tooth Fairy

*Another find from Drafts.  This was written in March 2017*

After having a tooth loose for well over a month, Big D finally lost his first tooth. The neighboring tooth is also loose, but I have finally learned my lesson and am firmly in the mindset of acknowledging I am a terrible judge of when teeth will be lost. No more guesses, or soons from this lady.

In the Big D's case his replacement tooth grew in and was pushing the baby tooth out. He doesn't play and wiggle them as much as his big brother does. Which of course is vital to decreasing the time spent in the wait it out method. Our household doesn't indulge in pulling teeth.

Bear has been begging for me to pull out one of her teeth, she is feeling left out.  Soon enough little girl, soon enough.

Our ToothFairy leaves fifty cent pieces and a note. Usually the impression of how well the TF thinks the tooth has been cared for, and the obligatory reminder to brush teeth. We are debating having a special tooth bag or pillow. Always trying to help the TF out and make the exchange as smooth as possible. A solid working relationship is key.

We have used an envelope on the kitchen table and a fabric pouch. Though the kids feel that under the pillow is the proper place for the exchange. They also are curious as to what happens if both of them lose teeth on the same day. How will she know who's is who's?

Bear has decided she is going to be a toothfairy when she grows up.  She would really like to stay up late and meet and talk with the Tooth Fairy. Tips of the Trade, insdier info, all that. One cannot be too careful in career choices.


From the dustbins of the drafts posts back in April.  Bear was a freshly minted 3.  I had forgotten we went through a phase of calling her little sisters Jesus.

Me: Go brush your teeth. 
Bear: No thanks, they not dirty. 
Me: You have to brush your teeth in the morning and before bed. 
Bear: Ok, I pick morning.
Bear: Mom, you mother? 
Me: Yes, I am your mother. 
Bear: My Dad Father? 
Me: Yes, Daddy is your Father. 
Bear: Oh, babies Jesus? 
Me: No 
Bear: Hmm..just twins?