Friday, November 3, 2017

Snow = Christmas Plots

I am already making Christmas plans. My husband and I have different opinions. He says "it's not even Thanksgiving". I say "I would rather have a plan and spread everything out so it isn't a stressful get ready for the holidays rush."

Bear says Santa is bringing her a doll house, he told her he made one just for her.

The Big D says he is only putting one thing on his list. A combine like dad's with two headers you can really switch depending on the crop. If I only put one thing on my list that is what Santa will bring me.

Bug has similar views but can't seem to narrow down what he reeaaaalllly wants most and is contemplating putting down "everything" as it is only one item.  

The twinks are toddlers and have no requests. Though I notice that Gracers steals big sister's baby dolls to snuggle, rock, give a bottle, ect. She might get a baby doll or rag doll in her stocking.

Meekers I don't know. I now enter the question  "Do they get the same gift or different?" She will pack around a doll, but she doesnt spend extended time with them like her look-a-like does.  Maybe magnetic blocks or a quiet books with zippers and buttons? She is interested in mayhem and getting into things.

I also want to start a new family tradition of having the siblings draw names and shop for each other with a $ limit. They expressed interest last year and I think it will be educational in financials for them and help them to think of others.

The older kids are also going to help bake goodies and treats to distribute.   So far on the list: Garbage men, Librarians, Post Office, Neighbors, our Priests, Nursing Home and Assisted living home.  I feel like we are forgetting someone.

I am also waiting impatiently for the in-laws drawing and thinking on the annual white elephant gifts. I love shopping for others or making something special. When thinking and planning  dont you spend time thinking about all the wonderful people in your life, how grateful you are for them? I love it. Packing love into tokens.

Are you a one thing at a time person or constant planner?

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Weekend Wedding Adventure

The fam loaded up and drove a couple hours for a wedding yesterday. The bride was my husband's first cousin. The groom a farm hand that grew up Amish. It was an outdoor wedding next to a river and a pretty cool park with a zipline. 100 degree day and not a cloud in sight.

Have you ever noticed and admired the ease children can make friends. Claire Bear made fast friends with a little Amish girl. Their eyes meet and lit up almost in unison, they held hands and ran off to play. So sweet. My boys made friends with a boy and girl roughly their age as well.

It was this friendly atmosphere that was also miserably hot.  The wedding began after a bus came and delivered about half of the guests. The groom and bride side were so different. The women wore crisp white bonnets, I can't think of the proper term. The adults dressed in darker colors and the children in bright colors. The children also seemed to be color coded. Which, I do that myself. Easier to keep track of when your kids are in the same hue. Quick head counts are easier.    I broke out from something during the wedding and we required a quick a pitstop to grab some benadryl.

The reception was held at the school where the bride teaches. The groom lead a song in Low German that is sang on Sunday Mornings. Truly Beautiful as all of his family joined in. One of his sisters has 11 children, her youngest are 3 year old twins. The twin mom connection is strong.

I mainly chased my busy little toddlers. They found a gentleman with a white beard and cowboy hat.  They smiled at each other and ran over back and forth. Sometimes letting him catch and pick them up, sometimes faking him out and giggling and running away. It seemed like they picked him out and said "You sir, we like you. You shall be  an honorary grandfather"

It was a crowded reception, no dancing. Little air conditioning.  My twinks were crabby and but became braver with their exploring. Likely they were tired of being held. My new dress covered in grass, sand, and smeared mashed potatoes. The glamorous life of a mom. We decided to duck out after the cake was cut but before we had any. Another hug to the bride and handshake to the groom as they walked around to visit each table. Claire thought the bride was a beautiful princess.   The boys dubbed weddings as fun, but noted it was sad to make new friends you won't get to see again.

Best wishes to the new couple. May God Bless you with many happy years together. Thank you for inviting us to share in your day.

Friday, August 4, 2017


*This has been sitting in drafts since August, but I decided to post it today. Still reminders everywhere of the preparations that should still be in full swing but aren't.*

One of the cruelest things I have noticed recently. Ads based off semi-recent browsing. Seems innocent enough right?

Well last month I was browsing cute maternity outfit ideas for Fall/Winter. This month the ads popping up are of those items, and it stings. The email reminders that I looked at something but didnt check out, offering a discount and "hurry before its too late".

Well, it is too late already. 3 weeks ago it became too late. I was cleaning/swamping out our bedroom today and found a list of baby name ideas. All of my pregnancies I have spent the duration doodling and writing names ideas, things I need to do to get ready, goals, reminders. I was working on a wardrobe capsule and sketched different outfits from what I had in my closet and what basic pieces I needed.  Dumb I know, I just like to feel in control and feel like I am planning. I keep finding these little reminders on the backs of envelopes, bookmarks, random pages in notebooks. So much for control.

The positive of that though, is it shows me my husband was right. I was happy about having another baby. I was preparing like for all my other kiddos.

My tiny baby, you were here for such a short time. I had 10 days of knowing for sure my family was growing, a couple weeks of anticipating. I wanted to name you Oliver James. I had a feeling you were a son. If you were another daughter I liked Scarlett or Theresa (Tessie for short). Of course I likely couldn't have talked your daddy into any of those names. Who would you be? How would you have fit in our family. Who's smile would you have? Would you have brown eyes like your Daddy? Maybe you would have my curly hair? Your 5 brothers and sisters are supposed to be sleeping, Daddy is gone for four days of Guards. The house is quiet. And I miss you, without ever having met you. I miss you.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Mom Brag

Feeling pretty proud of my oldest son. Last Sunday after Mass, the Activities Director of the Assisted Living Center asked me if Josh would be interested in joining a Junior Volunteer Group she would like to start. Through school he has already been going and reading to the residents, of course he usually seeks out his Great Grandma and reads to her. They both love it. Grandma's memory is slipping a bit, she doesn't always know who I am, or my other kids. She always knows Josh though, and I think it is so special.

Anyway, the AD told me that Josh is at home and completely comfortable. He is well behaved and energetic, visiting with everyone. This awkward Momma, who is still trying to learn how to stop being uncomfortable in public is so happy. Sometimes I really need to step back and appreciate this beautiful and kind soul that God has blessed me with. I mentioned it to my little guy, and he lit up and said "You mean I can go read and visit anytime!?"

Further bragging on my kiddo. Earlier I took the kiddos to the playground to enjoy the nice weather. We briefly had the joint to ourselves and then were joined by our neighbor down the street. One of her girls is in Josh's class. We were visiting and she told me earlier in the year her daughter came home and was impressed with Josh. Kids were fighting and Josh came over to help mediate and told them to remember that God doesn't want us to fight.  I love that boy's caring heart.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Staying Humble

My children keep me humble.

Friday I spent the last 1.5 mowing the lawn and didn't feel like making supper. I decided to order burgers and onion rings and picnic in the backyard. I invited my oldest to ride with me to pick up our food. On the way home I added an errand and we stopped at the post office. Josh remembered there was a package so we picked it up and emptied our mail box. We loaded up and he wanted to know why I leave the package slips in the box when the window to pickup packages is closed.

Me: Then the next time someone stops the slip is there to remind them of the package and so the slip doesn't get lost.

Josh: Why couldn't you just keep track of it and bring it?

Me: Well, Dad and I decided this was the best way. That way whoever gets the mail has the slip. You have to have it to get the packages.

Josh: you aren't smart enough not to lose it?!

Me: I'm not smart?

Josh: Smart enough!

Me: You don't think I'm smart? This way is the smartest way. If the slip is in the box whoever checks the mail can grab the slip and when the window is open get the package. I don't have to worry if it is in dad's pickup or hanging up on the fridge.

Josh: Because you lose stuff when you aren't smart enough to keep track of it.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Week 2 down

Weekly Wrap Up

Friday- I watched Charlotte so Molly could help your folks brand. Loved using the blender you bought me. So great for making table food into babyfood. It was fun having an extra baby for the day.
The boys spent every possible second outside. I went and bought Josh new pants. Which leads me to a huge pant sizing related rant. 8s are too small in waist and leg, 10s are too big in both areas even in the slims. I demand 9s, but my demands are ignored, maybe because I don't know were to make my demands.

Saturday - Molly took the boys for the 2nd day of branding. I watched Charlotte and Jeannine. The big girls got along great. Small arguments over who Cinderella belonged to and whose turn it was to dress up as batman, and a brief discussion of who was the better Elsa/Anna. Charlotte and the Twins had some jealousy issues. C likes to be held alone. At one point I uncovered a hidden talent. I fed 3 babies at the same time!

Sunday - Again thankful for those people who sit near me during Mass. Hot Potato with babies again. I can't speak to how well the bigs behaved, I ended up in the cry room with Nora and the poor saps sitting near me watched over the rest of our brood.

Monday - The kids enjoyed playing outside with the neighbors. School has been going good for them. Top secret projects going on that I assume deal with Mother's Day coming up.

Tuesday - Lots of rain today. I was glad I hooked up the new sump pump last night. I felt bad for the boys and picked them up from school instead of making them walk home in the deluge. I would assume your folks moving cows was interesting.

Wednesday - Mom & Kiddo pictures were postponed for another day. No one came to Bible Study, so Father and I agreed to try one more week and if there isn't enough interest I will scrap it. I am a bit disappointed because I feel like I need to be learning more. Also on a more selfish note because I want to get out of the house and do something for me, during the daylight and not dependent on anyone's nap.

Thursday - The girls and I went to Miles City. I had my blooddrawn and another Doctor appointment. Did a little running around. After school we were going to have pictures taken, but they ended up being canceled. I mowed the backyard and it was beautiful out, so we ended up having a picnic for supper. Amelia and Nora didn't seem to mind walking in the grass barefoot. All of the kids loved being outside. You should know that I really want to put in the paverstone patio we talked about. Then get a patio furniture set and a gazebo or pergula....and a fire pit. When the weather is nice I think the kids and I will just live in the backyard.

Whew! That about covers it.