Monday, January 25, 2016

Prepping & Planning

**Forgot to post this...but I have dipped into my stash. Italian Wedding Soup is a new favorite. Sweet & Savory Salmon was met with mixed reviews, but I liked it a lot**

My Mom came up last weekend because I had this crazy notion I should make at least 50 different recipes and fill my freezer full of food to throw in the crockpot or oven.  The babies aren't due for about 4 more months and I've already decided I won't feel like cooking.  Mainly because I don't feel like cooking now.

We spent from 8am - 9pm with minimal breaks chopping, dicing, and throwing things in gallon ziplock bags.  I made Mom do any cooking required because I'm still a bit hit or miss on the smell of meat.  We chopped somewhere around 40 onions and my new mission in life is to figure out where in the heck my food processor went.  That would have been handy. Also it probably would have prevented me from trying to cut my finger off....maybe.

I took the next few days off after she left.  We didn't get through all the recipes but most of them.  I whipped out 3 more meals this morning and when the crockpot has finished its job tonight I will have a couple more to go.  The big question of the day is to move to housework and laundry or start meatballs and stuffed peppers? Or, with my disdain of cooking unless I feel like it will I actually make supper on a regular basis or steal from my "after the babies are born" stash?  Quality control is important after all.

Kids Are Watching

***From the unpublished drafts. Sometime during Haying Season 2015***

The boys made a comment last night that has been on my mind.  They were discussing when their dad would come back inside the house.

J: Are the neighbors silk thanking Dad?

Me: oh, maybe I think they are just visiting now.

D: My Dad would help anyone wouldn't he?

And the truth is, he really would.

Last night after a day of fencing he picked up a maple tree to plant for me. Which I have been wanting ever since all our trees were cut down due to proximity to the house and work needed to get done. (Getting on 4 years ago. )So he was already getting brownie points from me.  Anyway I took the muddy toddler in for a bath before she planted herself along with the tree.  Shortly after my oldest came in dude in a panic weirdest talking about fire, neighbors, and being to call the fire department.
Being slow I told him to check with his dad.  I figured someone lit a firepit and he saw smoke.  Then I heard yelling get back in the house and then saw a big cloud if smoke out the window. It neighbors storage shed caught fire.  The Hubby was watering the newly planted tree then went over and helped put the fire out.

Today we spent a good chunk of the day flagging and moving the swather and equipment 10mph around 30 miles away. Then I ran parts out and assumed he would be home soon. Finally it was late enough I started to worry about him being gone. Turns out a buddy down in the area for fishing was broken down and he went to see if he could help.  He had offered to bring out a trailer and haul said vehicle home for him after they enjoyed their fishing.

He really would help anyone.  Honestly I can find proof of that nearly everyday. I'm happy the boys noticed. What an example for them to see firsthand. Hardwork and kindness.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

2016 Goals and Realizations

I have a few goals for 2016.

Mainly deliver two healthy babies and then proceed to keep 5 children alive, cared for, nurtured, and a least some sanity for myself. Something about getting a routine and keeping the house liveable and clean clothes to wear. I should also probably work more on my temper. Be nice to my husband and have him take the older kids as much as possible.

My other goal is to read the bible. I have a 20-minute daily readings book that has an Old Testament and New Testament reading for everyday of the year, and has the bible broken down like that Into 365 days. I read part of it last year but didn't keep up. Mainly because I struggle with the Old Testament. I'm 7 days in and still struggling with some of the Old Testament passages. Like Abram going to Egypt and saying his wife Sarai was his sister and letting the Pharaoh take her as his wife and becoming rich with gold, silver and livestock. Then the Lord curses the Pharaoh with plagues for taking another mans wife. The Pharaoh then asks Abram why he told him that his wife was his sister and let him take her as his own wife? Tells him to take his wife and belongings and leave.  I know I have to be missing something....but did the Lord help Abram pimp out his wife and profit greatly from it? (Genesis 12:10-20)

I may need to find a bible study group with people smarter than me.