About the Wife

I am married to the love of my life, a farmer and member of the Montana National Guard. We have five very active kids. All with momma's big eyes and dad's good looks ;) 

We currently live in a small town in Eastern Montana about 6 Miles from the family farm. I have visions of grandeur about living in the country and learning to garden, tend chickens and have a family milk cow. Mostly I chase kids around and daydream.

This blog originally started as a way for the Hubby to see what our little family was up to while he was deployed to Afghanistan in 2012-13.  However as, relatives and friends began to read it as well,  it became a way for loved ones to keep in touch.

I stopped following a schedule when my Husband returned and lost of the habit while we had computer issues.  However after looking back through old posts I found myself  remembering and reliving all the little stories and tidbits as my family grew. Anyway to close on a long winded ramble, now this little blog serves as a time capsule and family journal of our everyday life. (Of course, as you are reading my blog I know that you have already found - rambling is the norm here)

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