Saturday, August 4, 2012


I knew this day was coming.  I knew no matter what preparations I tried to take, I would never be ready for it.  It really was only a matter of time...before I would face one of my biggest fears. *Dun dun duuuuhh*

I had mentioned here that I have a crippling fear of mice.  I also shared that there were mouse droppings found in my car recently. I vacuumed them up 3 times...twice the signs returned by the next morning.  After the last cleanup though I placed a sticky trap in the one place the droppings kept appearing....and waited.  With dread, sweaty palms, and knot in my stomach each morning I checked out the floorboards of my car.  A week passed and no mouse was captured, no taunting signs of his presence left behind.  The trap was inadvertently disarmed when it attached itself to my friend's flip flop.  With no more signs though, I began to let my guard down. I didn't even replace the trap. I exhaled and felt some weight lift off my shoulders, by the end of the week I wasn't even checking anymore as my morning routine.

Then yesterday his calling card was left once more and it all changed.  With a scattered pile of vile mouse turds on the drivers side floorboard, fear had entered my life once more.  I picked up the boys from daycare and took my car to the car wash.  There I vacuumed the car thoroughly once again, and went through the automatic carwash to make the Toddler's day.  After bringing the boys into the house I placed TWO sticky traps.  One on the drivers side and one on the passenger side floorboard.  I figured if thats were the demon was marking his territory, it would be there the battle would be fought. Bring it you mousy bastard!

I hardly had time to prepare myself for the horror that laid ahead of me.  After all, the fiend would need to be caught and eventually I would need to face my adversary. War is not for the faint of heart, yet courage was not beating in mine.  I went to the garage to grab some meat out of the freezer, and decided to checkout the car.  There I saw it (with the Psycho music blaring through the garage).  I summoned all of my courage and strength, screamed bravely at the top my of lungs, boldly slammed the car door and gallantly ran back into the house.

Then I sent a text to my favorite brother-in-law to come rescue me, which he under 5 minutes!  How awesome is he? Even the cops take an average 20 minutes! (I may or may not have attempted to guilt my husband via facebook into coming home from Afghanistan to protect me).

If either of my other BILs happen to read this just know that to even compete for the prized roll of favorite you will really have to step up your game. This man has protected me from mice that were stuck in sticky traps more times that can ever be repaid (once even from TWO mice in the same trap!).  Solid unabashed hero stuff really.  I have another BIL who probably would come rescue me as well...but he lives 80 miles away, so you know he loses some points for not being able to provide a speedy response time.  Actually all my BILs would probably come rescue me when push comes to shove, but the fact remains that only ONE has.  So he guys didn't even know you were competing did you?

You may have caught on at this point of the story that I am prone to exaggeration, please just take away from this, that it was incredibly scary. (Also you will note there are no you really think that if I am too afraid to empty a mouse trap I would stop and take pictures of it?)

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  1. Years ago,I lived in an older manufactured home and I'd see a mouse, every once in awhile.One time,I woke up to a mouse,in the bird cage, with our parakeet.That freaked me out because it was up close and personal and in the cage.I don't remember how I ended getting it out but I do remember setting up live traps to catch other mice.Even though I don't like mice,I'm too much of a softie to use a trap that kills them.After I trapped them, I let them go in a field near my house.

    I'm glad that you caught your mouse and that your brother-in-law was there to help you dispose of it:)