Monday, August 13, 2012

The Race

Friend: I have to drop E off at his dad's then I'll meet you guys.  Is that okay, or will it screw anything up? 
Me: No, we just stopped to take a picture of an old house. 
Friend: Are you serious? 
Me: Well we pulled to the side of the interstate, turned our flashers on, and took some pictures...but we are on the road again. 
Friend: (talking to her son in background) I'm talking to Miss {The Wife} they are taking pictures of old buildings and that is why WE are winning the race.
Me: You only think you are winning. Where are you? 
Friend: Almost to {small town} 
Me: What mile marker? 
Friend: By  {small town} ! 
Me: What mile marker? 
Friend: uhmmmm 1 - 0 - ARGH I'm blind!!! We are like almost to {small town}...wait..okay 1-0-3 
Me: We just passed 81.
Friend: We are 20 miles ahead of you!
Me: We are still winning the race.
Sister/Driver: What? We are racing?! 
Me: Yeah, and we totally are going to win!
Me: Say, did we remember to stop at a rest area yet?
Sister/Driver: No, why? 
Me: Didn't Little Girl #2 have to use the bathroom? 
Little Girl #2: I have to go really bad! 
Sister/Driver: (long pause) you know, they are the reason we aren't winning the race....not me taking pictures of an old building.
Sister/Driver: How fast did she say she was driving? 

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