Monday, August 27, 2012

Step By Step

Dear Hubby,

Tonight we had some visitors stop by to drop off the pallet of bricks that was on order.  I must not have been paying attention (imagine that) because I hadn't even noticed them working out in the yard until the boys started waving out the window.  We really do have the nicest neighbors.  Sunday they stopped by to mow our yard and then came back that same evening to fix the soffit. I mentioned that I had noticed it was starting to sag down in a couple places while I was cleaning out the gutters.  I wasn't able to push it back in and was more asking what I needed to do to fix it.  Apparently just mention it, they came back armed with power tools and screwed it back up.

The boys loved watching our new front steps being built stacked.  They filled and dumped a bucket full of rocks and packed it around with pride, running around in their pajamas.  Until I noticed the time, then I put the Big D to bed.  I let the Toddler stay up a little bit later to "help".  He wasn't too interested in laying anything down, just transporting the goods...and never took his hand off his bucket of rocks.

They leveled and packed down sand and then stacked up the bricks.  Apparently the brothers had scouted out the houses around to come up with a design for the steps.  They took into consideration where the door was centered compared to the windows and actually ended up making about the same dimension of steps that we had removed when we dug up the basement last fall.

They are planning to come back tomorrow with more sand and add the remaining bricks for another step in the front.  I definitely think it is an improvement to our curb appeal...and functionality.  I can use our front door again!  I am feeling so grateful and just wanted to let you know that everyone is sure watching out for us here at home.

They [the bricks] so big and heavy!

Now I just need to figure out:
What is the best way to thank selfless volunteers?
 Did you notice they laid down boards to protect the grass?

 The Toddler in Full-Swing-Helper-Mode and dashing off for the next load!

 Making sure everything is square and level. 

A very nice improvement I think, and you can't even tell where they had fixed the soffit!

At least the Toddler likes it!

 He was so happy and excited he danced :)

PS - I am thinking about ordering a new front door.  The screen door is pretty much shot and now that we have steps and will be using the front door I think it is time to upgrade.

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