Friday, August 10, 2012

Care Package #11-12

The Hubby actually had a request!  That means I get to feel supportive and send him something :)

Care Package #11

I used a medium flat rate box and sent a couple cans of Tinactin.  Wrapped in plastic grocery bags and thrown in a Ziplock bag just in case.  I recycle bubble-wrap that comes in the mail from where I order my diapers and use it for shipping also.  The Hubby  has told me I go overboard on the packing tape and it is a challenge to get into the packages I send.  I feel that is actually a good thing, they weren't opened to be inspected (I'm not smuggling anything, just paranoid of things getting stolen) AND everything arrives in one piece.  From the FRG (Family Readiness Group) I heard of some packages coming in very rough shape.

I also threw in some more of the approved snacks.  Our last FaceTime date ended with a hint that I should get his Grandma down the street to make him some of her legendary Ginger Snap Cookies.  I had already mailed out the carepackage so they request will have to wait for the next carepackage.

Care Package #12

Grandma was an easy sell.  She loves baking for the Hubby...and his children...and everyone really I think.  Everytime we visit we come home with a gallon of chocolate chip cookies.  She actually had baked a batch already and delivery them to my Mother-in-Law to go in her care package she was sending out. So I didn't include any cookies in mine.

Most of the advice you will find online does not recommend sending cookies or other baked goods.  However it really just depends where your soldier is.  I have noticed the packages seem to average 7-10 days, and from my last FaceTime date I noticed him scarfing down some cookies his mom made and seemed to be enjoying them.  So my advice would be to not send baked goods in the first few shipments, get an idea of how long the mail is taking to get there, and go from there.

Tip: The best way to get homemade cookies in one piece is using a pringles container.  You can up-cycle the container by wrapping it in some scrapbook paper.  An easy way to get crafty and make the packaging cuter.

Okay I got sidetracked there.  In this carepackage I included:

  • razor blades (available over there but expensive I guess, and/or not the right brand) 
  • The regular approved snacks (sunflower seeds, jerkey, trail mix)
  • Accessory for his IPad
  • Pictures/Paintings from the boys
  • Letters/Pictures from our niece and nephew

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