Monday, August 13, 2012

Church Picnic

Sunday afternoon our church had a family picnic at the park.  It was a great chance to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather, and for the boys to play with some of their little friends and run off some energy.  It was also nice for me to get to visit and get some adult conversation and interaction.

What I learned: the Toddler, as aggressive and go-go-go as he is, also has a cautious side.  He carefully weighed decisions about going down the big slide and coordinating careful steps on certain playground equipment. He is a smidgen less wild-man when you add elevation.

The Big D is fearless...and gets around a lot quicker than I realized! (The lack of pictures is because I was chasing after him constantly and putting him on lower ground).  One minute he would be picking up and dropping gravel, then next he would be walking across the rope bridge and hanging his head over to checkout everything below.  After deciding sitting down and doing down the slide was too tame, he began to consider surfing down. I think he wants to give me a heart attack.

How cute are these little guys?  How much trouble do you think they will get into with the boys when they are older? (The Hubby went to high school with both of their dads)

The intense study of rocks...and rivalry over scooping cups!

working the shades...and the slide

 A very nice couple who the Big D warmed right up to...and then ate all of their food!
(one of the Hubby's former teachers)

***Parting Thoughts: How is it possible for a little boy in a onesie AND bibs to get his diaper filled with rocks?***

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