Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Dear Hubby,

First of all, thank you again for the flowers you had delivered for my birthday. My little corner of the office smells divine. Thank you also for the phone call in the morning, and the little messages I kept finding throughout the day (facebook, email, IPad...haha).   It was a little hard to feel like celebrating my birthday without you, but overall it was still a nice day, and I so appreciated the effort you put in to be a part of it.

Your sister stopped in to visit over lunch after volleyball practice. My parents came to town to take me out for supper (and brought some yummy homemade cookie bars!).  I wish they could have stayed longer, 6 hours round trip travel time is a lot for only a few hours of visiting and supper...but it was so great to see them.  Your mom and sister stopped by later in the evening too, and dropped off a gift, it really is the coolest thing!  A light up shadow box. I felt pretty loved.

Flowers from the Hubby 
(half way across the world, you still make my day extra special)

Seriously How Cool is this frame?!

I got a fun new scarf at work, lip balm, and all kinds of well wishes.
Totally missed my calling as a model....NOT! (Yes I am from the 80s, why do you ask?) 

Over the weekend I did a little early birthday shopping for myself too!
Don't worry it was all on sale/clearance!
(PS - when you get back would it be too much to ask to build a closet just for my purses and scarves?)

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