Thursday, August 9, 2012

Family Matters

The Toddler LOVES his Uncle and the anticipation and excitement of his presence has only increased.  When the Toddler wanted to call his Auntie the other day, but he instead got to talk to his super cool Uncle (Aunt B was at her Belly Dancing class) the deal was sealed. The Toddler loved  answering questions...and making his Uncle guess what he was saying because his favorite thing to do is hold-his-tongue-with-his-hand-when-talking-on-the-phone.  He got the go ahead from Mommy and invited the whole family for dinner the following weekend...and then kept asking Mommy on a near daily basis when his Uncle was going to show up.  2-year-olds aren't known for their concept of time.

Finally our company arrived.  When we saw them pull into the driveway the excitement could not be contained.  One thing about small children, when they are happy they are happy with their whole body!

Me: Guess who’s here?
Toddler: UNCLE DOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He ran to the door to greet him, crowding the door so it couldn't open.  He was practically vibrating with excitement.  With some mommy enforced restraint our guests actually made it into the house.  The Toddler gave some hellos to the cousins, darted past his Aunt, and ran and jumped into his  Uncle's arms for a massive bear hug....which proves he really is a glutton for punishment.  Almost every interaction led to him being tickled...sometimes right out of his pants!

The day was had so many little events that still make me smile.

After mastering some moves from his Uncle no one was safe....even unsuspecting Aunts who really only wanted to cuddle were Tickle Tortured!

Take that....and that! Mwhahaha

Children were posed for the always awkward group photo!

During the littles' nap time the bigger kids played in the backyard in our new Turtle sandbox.  The neighbor kids were excited to get to play too, apparently they have been eyeing it. I had plans of upcycling some pallets (I *heart* pallets) into a sandbox with a cover that converted into bench seating whilst in use. That hasn't happened. (Oh Pinterest how you taunt me with grand ideas I can't actually pull off)
The Turtle's eyes crack me up...though I imagine mine would look similar if my head was getting stepped on!
The Big D also got lots of bonding time

He wears the pants shoes in this house

Just needs to grow into them a little bit more

Rough looking crew huh?

We just love them!

Hide and Seek
Storytime Buddy!

Holy Family Resemblance! (Can you really deny they look alike Dear Sister?)

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  1. Love this post!
    There's nothing like "cussins" to play with and Aunties and Uncles are very special, too.