Friday, August 3, 2012

Remember Your Rainbrella

Yay for rain, and yay for a break in the hot weather!  This week we found relief from the high temperatures and even had a few days with some showers.  I was kicking myself earlier this week when I dropped off the kids at daycare in a downpour.  I had to dash each kid in separately to avoid getting them drenched.

As soon as we pulled out of the driveway the Toddler informed me he needed a "rainbrella".  I had forgotten whilst vaccumming out my car the week before I had brought the umbrella rainbrella in the house.  Because I am an awesome mom the boys were also wearing shorts and t-shirts...I had been figuring on another warm day filled with outdoor playtime.  Note to Self: start paying attention to the weather forecast.

We had sprinkles again this morning, but I still haven't returned my umbrella to the car.  I'm am still giggling about the word "rainbrella" though.  It is very fitting afterall, besides I like that he makes up words just like his momma.  (To my sister if you are reading this gription will catch on!)

To my Hubby - I hope the heat in the middle east has cooled down.  It's currently in the 60s here!

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