Sunday, August 26, 2012

Photo Bomb 17

Dear Hubby,

Another week down right?  And boy what a week.  I do apologize for causing you to lose sleep, but I am thankful our little medical scare turned out to be nothing serious.  Your brother's wedding was nice, and the boys enjoyed seeing 5 out of 7 grandmas. (My mom came up to go with me to my doctor appointments and of course they saw 4 out of 5 grandmas on your side for the wedding)

I have been trying to focus on a schedule to keep up on the housework, regular work, and keep up with the kids.  Some no brainer stuff coming back to me and making a huge difference.  After about a week of the Toddler going to bed without supper because he was refusing to eat I tweaked my routine.  Once again we are sitting down and eating all together at the table, instead of me dishing up the Big D, then fixing the Toddler a plate and trying to get them to eat while switching loads and laundry/vacuuming/assorted other chores.  It has made a huge impact and everyone is eating better.

Still trying to figure out the perfect balance of keeping up on housework throughout the week so I am not trying to fit everything in on the weekend.  So far I pick a different room every-night and put in 15-20 minutes cleaning and run the dishwasher before bed.  On a smooth running week I can get a load of laundry in over my lunch break and get everything folded when I get home.  

Of course most weeks don't run smoothly.  There are these two little boys running around that reek havoc on schedules and instead we go to the park or play in the backyard a lot.  Which leads to nightly baths instead of every other night.  Question, why don't they make towels that are worn like a poncho and two sided?  Like a raincoat/terry cloth material.  I think we should work on inventing that....just need to figure out how to make it machine washable.

As always we love and miss you bunches and bunches.  Be safe :)

 Aaahhhh...don't worry Scoop Tractor will save you....Aaaahhh Lightening McQueen falling again....Tractor save you...rinse and repeat

 For those always asking in reference to the Big D: Is he always so smiley and happy?  
No, no he isn't

Being a Monkey (really this is his impersonation, its too bad I didn't record the sound effects)
At first he was trying to scoop up toys with his shovel, I came into the room from doing dishes when I heard "I can't reach it!"  (Because apparently this is what monkeys do....before getting in trouble for not sitting on the couch nicely)

Coming to a care package near you Summer 2012
 This little turkey not only says "UP" he lives it!  
The longer my back is turned the higher he climbs.
You see nothing!

Grandma took us for ice cream and playtime at the park!

 He is now feeding himself with a fork....and quite proud of it!
 The Toddler got a hold of the camera 
(as you will note we are also doing great with regular teeth brushing!)

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