Friday, August 17, 2012

Lawnscaping: Up Front & Personal

I thought I had better get you some updated pictures of our lawn...and current status of our curb appeal. Notice anything different?

Let me refresh your memory (this picture was taken last week)

(This picture was taken today) Your cousin/neighbor/former Guardsman found some tin siding for our house.  It was red, but he roughed it up and spray painted it white.  It looks so nice and  makes such a huge difference! Don't you think?

A few more curb appeal projects on the way. 

1) I ordered the cedar posts for the privacy fence project in the back yard.  Hoping to get that delivery next week...which probably means I should go get a permit....and double check with both sets of neighbors before finalizing plans.

2) The patio bricks have arrived!  We have some volunteers who will be stacking and arranging them soon. (I hear tell part of the football team has been strong-armed and volun-told into offering their services) The plan is to put some sand down for the bricks to lay on and then stack them up to make front steps.  I'm excited to see how it turns out...and to be able to use our front door again!

Anyway...I got sidetracked.  Check out the Front Lawn Progress.

 The Good
Next to sidewalk
 The Bad
middle (were most the weeds are found)
 and The Awesome!
Next to the house - this is the stuff dreams are made of!  It feels so good barefoot!

Oh yeah, and check out below. Proof I can keep some plants alive!  Aren't they pretty.  I picked some pretty determined flowers, maybe next year I can try a bit more gardening?  Looking forward to the improvements and making our home look...well....homier!

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