Thursday, August 16, 2012

Random Memories

With several weekends in a row of weddings coming up, I find myself thinking back to mine quite a bit.  Random little stories keep popping into my mind.  Most make me laugh.

My husband has an identical twin our wedding my side of the family kept getting them confused. Wondering why the groom was changing between his army uniform, a tuxedo, and eventually a western shirt and jeans. It makes me giggle, one of my aunts asked my mom why she didn't tell her he had a I guess it was Need to Know information.

At the reception one of my cousins wandered down town to one of the bars and had a drink...with who he thought was my Hubby.  Then made his way back to the hall for the dance and saw my Hubby dancing with me.  His mind was blown.  Somehow my Hubby had left the bar AFTER him, but still beat him back to the Hall and changed outfits in the time it took him to walk 2 blocks.  I'm thinking he may have switched to water at that point in the night.

My nephew also was taken aback by the whole identical twin thing. When he walked in the church for the rehearsal dinner,  my inlaws had already arrived. In the kitchen he ran up to my BIL and demanded immediately to know where I was. BIL tried his best to explain that he wasn't who he thought he was. To no avail, my nephew wasn't buying any of it.  Shortly after The Hubby and I walked through the door. My nephew did several wide-eyed double takes. "There are TWO?!"

Yet another twin confusion story. My BIL ended up taking home a bartender "home" the night of my wedding...with people having trouble telling them apart you can imagine the rumors that went around my small home town for awhile. Scandalous really.

One of my younger cousins invited the Brazilian Sheep shearers, who were working out on their ranch earlier that day, to my wedding reception. I remember a man resembling the Maxwell coffee guy coming up and giving me a huge hug, congratulations and telling me I was a beautiful bride. Then he shook the Hubby's hand and bestowed well wishes on him as well. As we both walked away we were both thinking - which side of your family is Mexican? (Neither of us have an ear for accents, we just knew his first language was Spanish). They were fun wedding crashers though, they danced the night away and I hear were some of the last to leave.

Another wedding day memory of my nephew.  He was 3 at the time and did NOT want to share me. He tried to cut in on both the Father-Daughter dance, and the bride & groom's first dance. Prior to the wedding the Hubby and my nephew would argue over who I belonged to. "No she's mine!" I smile thinking about it, the turkey a year before that wanted nothing to do with me and instantly decided he liked my new boyfriend (future Hubby) better.  Thankfully we all get along now...but I still think he thinks the Hubby is cooler.

I was so stressed about the wedding before the day arrived and during.  I'm glad the memories that stick aren't the flower shop burning down and going with fake flowers last minute, the bridesmaid dresses coming in the wrong color, the priest not being able to remember my name during the ceremony, or the countless other little things that seemed like a big deal but really weren't.  My advice to friends and family getting married, just enjoy the day and the opportunity of spending it with all the people that mean the most to you...those are the memories worth keeping.

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