Sunday, August 19, 2012

Photo Bomb 16

Dear Hubby,

I hope this past week treated you well.  In our neck of the woods we read a lot of books, played outside in the backyard almost every chance we got, worked on some outdoor projects, and had a jam packed Saturday to end the week.

The Big D has mastered climbing onto any piece of furniture he chooses,
and has began to stockpile books.

The sandbox is a huge favorite feature to the back yard (that and the neighbor kids toy pickups)

 The Big D trying out some Dukes of Hazzard moves

 While I was up on the ladder trying to clean out our gutters a certain little stinker crawled up behind me.  It was tricky getting down without stepping on his fingers.  As soon as I was off the ladder he thought it was his turn.  I ended up having to do some hardcore distractions to finish the job and get the ladder put away, he was determined to climb all the way to the top.

  Squishy Face!

 Hanging out with Aunty M before the parade
Soon to be a blushing bride!  Next Saturday she is going to be stuck with us for life!
 (I'm not sure if she really knows what she is getting into...haha.)

Hanging out with his Uncle waiting for the candy
 The Toddler getting ready for the festivities to begin
Bring on the CANDY!!!
 The method of reaching out his arms worked well
 The kid got a ton of candy!

I love the training wheels on the motorcycles!  
Check out the little guy in the blue, his training wheel caught some air.

 The Big D wasn't good about picking up candy...
so we decided it was best just to keep him away from traffic

 Grandpa made sure everyone around us got A LOT of Frisbees!
(The Toddler was pretty excited to see him on a float too!)
 Waving was another successful candy getting ploy.

 "My candy soooooo heavy Mommy"
 I just adored the littlest rider in pink...she looked at the other kids with envy.  I think she was having a hard time deciding if it was more fun to be in the parade, or watching and getting candy.  (I totally think she wanted to keep the candy)

After the parade we went to the park to help a cute little guy celebrate his 1st birthday.
The Big D was showing him how to work all his new toys!

 The Toddler loved the bubble party favors and made sure there were plenty to pop for the other kiddos.
 After the party it was time to get some naps in before heading to the Big City for a wedding.  
 I failed to recognize silence=mischief and had thought the Toddler went down for a nap right away..
 ...Instead he found a pen. We were in a hurry, so I ended up using a baby wipe to scrub down the visible penned up skin only. On the ride to town, it was explained that the art work on his legs depicited "a wolf blowing down piggy's house"
I am going to take a guess and say that it was the house of straw that was blown down...

 We also had a little picnic in our living room.  Complete with tire doughnuts and sandwiches.
 I love how much imagination they use when playing.

We missed out on going to the actual fair or carnival and just took in the parade Saturday morning.  With the parade, Birthday Party, very needed naps, and Wedding Reception (naps ran over and we missed the actual nuptials) and running around with cousins and various other little people until 10pm, I made the decision that a peaceful day at home was needed to wind down.  Next year I think we will take in the fair, the Toddler especially should be old enough to enjoy the carnival rides and fair food.

As always you are are loved, missed, and supported by three people who could not be any prouder of you! We love you bunches and bunches!

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  1. I think the baby looks resembles Gabe in the first picture, which is funny because she resembles her father so much. Handsome young men you have.