Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Lesson in Manners

I have been working with the Toddler on manners.  Well for the last year at least, haha.  I have noticed that he is pretty good with saying Thank You but not always so great with Please.  Which actually makes sense, I am a lot better about always saying Thank You and not so great about always saying Please.  When talking to the kids I usually ask or tell them to do things.
"Time to pick up your toys."
"Don't throw that, we don't throw things in the house"
"Get off the table!"
"Get down from there!" 
"Share with your brother" 
"Give your brother a toy to play with" 
"Put that back where you found it!" 
"Bring the ball to Mommy"
"Can you put that in the garbage/sink?"
I am great about telling them Thank You if they actually do what I ask...but its no wonder Please was slow to pickup on.  With the Toddler I have noticed he only consistently uses Please if the answer is most likely going to be NO.
Toddler: Mommy, I pwease have candy?
Me: No.  Would you like some fruit?
Toddler: Puh-Weeeeeze Mommy, I need candy, PWEASE?!
Opposed to most other conversations.
Toddler: I sick Mommy, you get me milk
Me: You are thirsty, not sick...and what do you need to say?
Toddler: Get me milk Mommy, I sick
Me: You need to say Please, and you aren't sick you are thirsty when you want something to drink
Toddler: Please get me milk
Me: Okay, here you go honey here is your milk
Toddler: Thank you Mommy
Me: You're Welcome
His new thing caught me off guard and definitely made me chuckle.
Me: Do something for me....uhmm...Please (I'm working on my manners too!)
Me: Thank you {Toddler}
Toddler: I Welcome 
Now really what do you say to this?  It throws me every time and I usually end up "You're Welcoming" him back. In the end though its a start...I just may start throwing out I Welcomes too.  It really is more fun to say, try it next the time you get a chance (Please).  I guarantee you will throw off the person you say it too.

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