Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Nice Day for a Wedding

Yesterday was a big day for Uncles.  One turned 30 and One finally got to marry his beautiful bride...which I am pretty sure he had been counting down the days since laying eyes on her.

It was a really nice outdoor ceremony.  Simple but with so many special touches.  Everything seemed to hold special meaning for the couple.  Both are horse nuts, and I have to admit when I heard they were having a Ring/Flower Pony I didn't know what to expect.  I actually prepared myself for the whole wedding party to be on horse back.

The bride's grandfather is a minister and had the honor marrying them.  She had told me earlier,  that gramps had told her he was good luck, because he had married another couple over 20 years ago and they are still together.  I didn't think to ask at the time, but I am almost wondering now if that lucky couple isn't the Bride's parents.

The Groom  & Grandpa waiting impatiently to get the show on the road! 
(Notice the groom's foot tapping, I think he was getting anxious)
Hopefully my child wasn't voicing any meaningful concerns.  At the most inopportune moments of the wedding the Big D chimed in loudly with "NO!".  Throughout the vows, while the happy couple were pledging to make this union last as long as they are alive...I could hear "No!" Most anything meant to elicit a response from the almost Mr & Mrs garnered a cooing NO NO NO!

[...For richer or for poorer...]
Bride/Groom : I Do
the Big D: NO! NO!

I'm going to go with he really he only knows about 25 words...the one that gets a reaction is going to be repeated! So my official spin on the story is that he wasn't casting doubts he was performing for a captive audience.
I was sitting at the wrong angle to get the groomsman the picture.
The bouquet and boutonnieres were metal roses that my BIL made himself using his mad welding skills.  I loved all the special little touches, and I am sure I missed out on a lot of other details that were wrought with meaning.  I mentioned the Ring/Flower Pony.  The bride and all of her siblings grew up with Bella (the pony) and obviously have a soft spot in their hearts.  The bride had an uncle that is also a minister (who suffers from stage fright - the only reason he wasn't the officiant) He lead a beautiful prayer and blessing on the couple after the "I Dos".

Very unique flowers

Most of the special extra touches seemed to draw from the bride's side...but really, aren't us women the sentimental ones?  As much as the bride and groom have in common though, you really couldn't separate what was meaningful to which one.  The wedding was moved to her family's property (fire danger closed down the original location), the horses were saddled and visible in the background.  At one time the plan was they would ride after the wedding, but in the end they decided to just us the horses as props for the wedding pictures. I don't blame them, it would be a challenge getting mounted and riding in a wedding dress.

At the reception I was able to meet a set of grandparents that celebrated 50 years of marriage earlier this year.  Such a nice looking couple, truly an inspiration, and obviously still oh-so-in-love.  They told me the blue/turquoise (forgive me I am color blind) 1935 car that the bride's father drove his daughter up in was the reason they met.  I tried not to let me eyes leak as I smiled and heard the story of him breaking down (running out of gas) and stopping in for parts.  He said if it wasn't for that car he would never of found her, and gave his wife's hand a squeeze.  So sweet.

With possible meltdowns gearing up we slipped out of the reception about 9:00pm, so we missed the big party. But not before we got a chance to eat some yummy food, celebrate with family, play with friends, and get our dance on.

Dancing with the Aunties! 

Mother-Son Dance

Apparently I was feeling pretty serious here.

 Dear Hubby, hello from many members of your family!  Wish you could have been here to see your look-a-like get married and see all your family.  You were missed, it really didn't feel right celebrating without you.

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