Saturday, October 3, 2015

Billboard Classics

I mentioned The Farmer in the Dell is a current kiddo favorite. However, it is not THEE favorite.

The number 1 song that is ever requested in our house, and begged to be played on repeat if we are in the car is.....The Final Countdown by Europe.

The Big D once asked me to sing it for him while we were working on our preschool lesson at the kitchen table, then held up his hand and said "stop mom, the car sings it better". 4 is the age children begin to appreciate and decipher talent from tone deaf.

All three children love it. Bear, who I was concerned about not talking yet, will say Ninal Dowdown (final countdown) by hearing reference too or the opening. Toes of the song. She dances and sings while we watch football....and randomly in the kitchen when the need is felt. She points a lot, grunts, says Mom, Daddy, shoes and Final Countdown.

I will admit, no matter what errand we are running seems infinitely more important. Supper to the field? Getting the mail, garbage to the dump....really anything. We are on a mission, don't mess with us.

The boys sing and argue over who will be in charge of making what instrumental sounds. The Big D likes the tongue out wiggling minion like lalalallala for the electric guitars, while Jbug prefers a high nasal method. There can only be one drummer and much discussion over why the planet Venus is in the lyrics.

Mostly, the Final Countdown is deemed a superhero song. Along with Metallica's Ecstasy of Gold and Tessie by the Dropkick Murphys.

So now you know the top 4 hits of our little household.
#1 Final Countdown
#2 Ecstasy of Gold
#3 Tessie
#4 The Farmer in the Dell

Friday, October 2, 2015

Get a Life

The Big D gets his mords wixed up sometimes.

Currently a favorite song in the house is The Farmer in the Dell

So all day long I hear:

The Farmer takes a Life!
The Farmer takes a Life!
Hi Ho the Dairy-O,
The Farmer takes a Life!

Me: Thats Wuh-Wuh-Wuh - Wife, Bud.
Not Luh-Luh-Luh-Life

Big D: Okay Mom

The Famer take a Wife
The Farmer takes a Life...

Big D: When I'm a grown up I'll get married and have a life. And my life with have lots of kids.  I'll be their ruler, and my life.

Me: You won't be ruler of your Wife.

Big D: No, me and my life will be rulers of all our kids.  And you can babysit all my babies and watch them and love them for me and my life.

On a side note, reports vary to how many babies the Big D will have.  He says God will bless him with 'lots' and 'many' some early reports estimate 100 all at once. He has also informed me that I am to cover everyone's eyes at his wedding so no one sees him kiss his new life.