Friday, October 2, 2015

Get a Life

The Big D gets his mords wixed up sometimes.

Currently a favorite song in the house is The Farmer in the Dell

So all day long I hear:

The Farmer takes a Life!
The Farmer takes a Life!
Hi Ho the Dairy-O,
The Farmer takes a Life!

Me: Thats Wuh-Wuh-Wuh - Wife, Bud.
Not Luh-Luh-Luh-Life

Big D: Okay Mom

The Famer take a Wife
The Farmer takes a Life...

Big D: When I'm a grown up I'll get married and have a life. And my life with have lots of kids.  I'll be their ruler, and my life.

Me: You won't be ruler of your Wife.

Big D: No, me and my life will be rulers of all our kids.  And you can babysit all my babies and watch them and love them for me and my life.

On a side note, reports vary to how many babies the Big D will have.  He says God will bless him with 'lots' and 'many' some early reports estimate 100 all at once. He has also informed me that I am to cover everyone's eyes at his wedding so no one sees him kiss his new life.

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