Sunday, April 22, 2012

Naptime Wars

Overall I am have been very blessed/lucky.  My kiddos are pretty good nappers...usually.  We have our days.  As the boys share a room sometimes we end up staggering nap time or having them nap in separate rooms.  I am not really a Naptime Nazi mom though.  If they aren't going to nap, they just have to have quiet their room...with the lights off...without playing with bed.

The other day everything was not working out.  The Big D was standing in his crib babbling away to The Toddler.  Their timing was so perfect, it was a full fledged conversation.  About what, I'm not sure...I can only assume they were plotting against me.  They understand 2:1 odds, my only chance was to divide and conquer. I ended up putting the older one in my bed and soon baby boy fell asleep in his crib (dreaming up the particulars of the latest dubious scheme no doubt).

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, every excuse to stay up in the book being exhausted,  I ended up letting the Toddler run amok in the living-room (for fear of him waking up the sleeping monster baby.)  My new plan was staggering naptime.  Let the baby sleep first, deal with the toddler later. I just realized how that sounds, it was not defeat...don't side with the Hubby and the Toddler on this....I am the Mom and I am in control.

After The Big D was awake, smiley and ready to go the boys played together nicely...for all of 5 minutes.  I still had one kid that needed a nap.  I would give the temper tantrum thrown a solid 9.5 (any event judge will tell you perfect scores aren't given out anymore) It really was one for the books, textbook Toddler Tantrum.  If I hadn't been so frustrated I could have taken a picture that would be used in dictionaries for years to come.  Into the room we went, The Toddler glared at his bed as if to say "Naptime...we meet again"

I ended up throwing him in the crib as he refused stay in his bed or listen...and came out with stories of the dump truck and other toys pushing him.  After a few minutes I realized he was actually quiet.  Any mom can tell you QUIET is tricky. You think you want it , but when you get it...tends to be ominous. A bit like the calm before the storm, destruction is a-coming.  Coincidence? I think not.  I peeked into the room and saw he was no longer in the crib, but had tucked himself into his bed.  He caught me peeping in and said "Momma, I no want to sleep in baby crib, I nap in my bed." Then he fluffed his pillow and told me he was tired and going to take a nap.



He then stretched his arms, yawned and said "Really Good Nap...I not sleepy anymore"  I gave up, it had been about 3 1/2 hours since that start of the Naptime Battle and he had dropped the attitude.  He gave me a big hug and we went into the livingroom and picked out a couple books to read.  Remarkably the attitude and tantrum throwing stayed gone, but I am still not convinced he actually took a nap.

Have you ever cut your losses in parenting? Or do you stick to your guns come hell or high water?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Talk the Talk

Months ago the Big D was babbling and chattering up a storm, with no purpose whatsoever mind you, while he happened to start looking at the Hubby and let out a string of "Dada Dada Dada" then crawled over to him.  Totally meaningless baby gibberish.

When I went visit my sister, my niece had informed me it sounded like baby boy had said "Stop it", I didn't hear it.  Besides can you really trust  a 7 year old?

My mom swears she has heard him say "Hi" on more than one occasion...I would never tell grandma otherwise, but clearly she is mistaken.  After all, isn't it in the rules somewhere that the first word is always heard by the mother?  Of course it is...I make the rules.
No way Mom...I make the rules!

It is now official though, the Big D has said his first meaningful word and associated it properly.  I came home from work earlier this week and when I walked in he said "Mama, mama" and crawled right on over to the door to greet me.  His FIRST word, it's exciting really, and has been repeated several times a day since!

Mama is so much better than the Toddler's first words.  In the same day "boob" and later followed by "daddy".  So the Toddler said 'dad' first, the Big D said 'mom' first.  So not only is it logical and fair, it is exciting not to have a repeat and seeing that smug look on their father's face.
Smug Look

What? You doubt me? It is my story and I am sticking to it.  Take that Hubby!

PS - Okay...he may not be quite the Mama's boy I make him out to be....just don't tell my Hubby.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy Anniversary Babe

Roses aren't always red
Violets are well, violet...
okay I'll leave the poems to Hallmark.

But I did get some super pretty flowers today!!

And you get to hear a short little story:

4 years ago a boy and girl hit it off after a blind date

3 years ago they said "I Do" in front of friends, family, God and everybody.  They promised to spend the rest of their lives together.

Boy                                                   Girl

2 years ago they shared piece of frozen wedding cake a few days late, and cuddled a sweet little boy.

(She got flowers but couldn't find the picture)

1 year ago they were in different states, but she still got flowers, while they counted down the days to meet a new addition to their growing family.

Today, on their 3rd annivesary - They are still in love and looking forward to the future, and pretty stoked to celebrate together instead of in different zip-codes. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bringing Supper to the Field

My little family has started a tradition of bringing supper to Daddy in the field...well one of the fields.  The one that is about 20 miles away from home.

The guys go to the farm for lunch if they are in the fields close by, if not they are on their I decided to take the Toddler (when he was still known as The Baby) to visit Daddy and bring him supper when I knew he would otherwise go without. It was a chance to see him during a time of the year he is kind of scarce.

The Hubby seemed to like seeing us too (bringing food that wasn't a sandwich didn't hurt either), and here we are - making memories and creating our own traditions.

2010 - the start of a family tradition

I miss how chubby he was!


Peek-a-boo Daddy!

The Big D getting some Dad Luv'ns & The Hubby glaring at me for having a camera

I love it.  Sometimes it's a little hectic to get a meal put together after getting off work and gathering up the boys from daycare.  Sometimes I cheat and grab deli food...but most times I put a little more effort into it.  The idea is to bring a full meal, something hot, something he couldn't get from just a packed lunch.
Fresh  from the oven - Fried Chicken & Oven Roasted Veggies

Although, if the Toddler doesn't get to sit in the tractor for at least a minute...I don't hear the end of it for days.
He has his own "tradition" - anytime he sees a tractor, he needs to ride in it.

Trying to talk Dad into letting him "Help Farm in Tractor"

So far the Big D is content hanging out with Mommy in the car.

Do you have any traditions that started out as a gesture but became much more?

Monday, April 16, 2012

A Few Days Off?

My husband is a go getter.  He can't stand to just sit around and do nothing.  This weekend he stayed home with me and the boys instead of going to the farm.  He slept in until the boys woke us up and after that it was go go go!

I wasn't feeling so hot and was herding children, but that didn't slow him down.  My dear Hubby took a huge chunk out of To-Do's and made them To-Dones! While I sat around blowing my nose, running to the bathroom, and trying to get caught up on laundry/starting on some Spring cleaning, He:

1) hired a guy to come cut down the last tree in our backyard (the only one that really needed to go) It was 2/3 dead and thinking about falling on either our garage or the neighbors house. The Hubby and our neighbor had tried to get it last year, but after taking out the powerline to our house decided to let a  professional finish the job.

Our Tree guy estimated the Elm was 70-80 years old.   

2) rented a lawn tractor with tiller and got to work in our front yard, and then seeded it with grass. Woot woot, I have a lawn in my future!!! He delegated me to rake the grass seed in...and do some watering. Easy enough.

I'm going to have a lawn again!!!
3) went to work in the backyard with his chainsaw and cut up the tree for firewood. Easily gathered and delivered to our neighbors! Saves us a trip to the dump and they seem to like the free kindling.

4) took out 2 loads of twigs and branches and brought in several loads of dirt. He is planning on filling in the spots that settled from digging up the basement and finishing the landscaping. We will be tilling the backyard and planting grass there as well.

5) cleaned out and re-arranged stuff in the garage and created a pristine clutter free home for the car in the garage!!! Thereby starting the end to our Mexican Standoff!!

My car fits in the garage again!

6) also installed a new garage door opener/motor thingy and programmed it to my car.  Awesomeness!  Plus this side is newer, better and (as my dad would say) more good-er, AKA it has the motion sensor to prevent flattened children.

Mexican Standoff (the back story): We may have butted heads around moving time almost 2 years ago. Hubby had gone to Missouri for a 5 week Army school and expected me to have everything packed and ready for our move. I thought we should go through everything together and decide what we wanted and didn't want (plus I was dragging my feet and not really ready to move). Result unhappy husband and all of our crap getting loaded up, then dumped thrown moved into the garage. I was then told it was up to me to unpack.

 A year later, my mom pretty much told me to "suck it up buttercup" and tackle the garage.  We went through it and pitched a bunch of stuff; took two pickup loads to the dump; unpacked some more...until we got to a spot where I didn't know what to do with the rest of the stuff and decided when the Hubby got back from yet another one of his schools we could take 1/2 a day and finish the job TOGETHER (sensing a theme?)  Anywho at that point I could fit my car in the garage...about 2 weeks later, I no longer could.  Hubby needed something, junk got shifted...and my car sat in the driveway over the winter. The two of us might be a TAD bit stubborn. half of the garage is going to take some time.
My mission I have been assigned is to go through the other half while he is gone.  Mission accepted babe, Thank you :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rough Start, Happy Ending

My grandma used to always tell me the adage about March.  It can come in like a lion and go out like a lamb (or vice versa)

I have come to discover all events are like March (even when they happen in April...or anytime really). If things are coming together smoothly...say like a lamb, then rest assured that lion is going to bite you in the a$$.  But, when things are a little growly and lion-ish from the start, you may just have a peaceful outcome in the end.

The morning of the Hubby's party the Big D had a massive blowout diaper...that left a stinky trail of evidence in runny turds across our living room carpet.  After a brief debate about who had to clean up the baby and who should clean up the floor its safe to say we were in for a long morning.  Somewhere between shampoo and vacc-ing the floor, making sloppy joes and trying to get ran through the shower...the Big D sensed organization forming and plans coming together.  In order to stop this he then immedietaly plotted with The Toddler to take a stand for anarchy and mayhem.

I came running out of my bedroom with a loosely wrapped towel and soggy turban on my head in response to sudden wailing.  The Big D had just gotten a couple fingers shut by the hinges of the bathroom door.  The Toddler pleading "Sowwy baby, I shut fingers out".  The crocodile tears flowing, the fingernail and skin and blood gushing = one panicking momma.  I got some bandages on the fingers while baby tried to bite them off, and cried harder each time his fingers were touched.  I then called the Hubby who ends up hanging up on me because he can't hear me over the wailing.  . After the Hubby the got home we decided the fingers weren't broken, and hospital trip wasn't needed...but he will still probably lose at least one nail.  I ran in to finish up the last minute decorating for the party.

One piece of luck, the "lion" of a morning, lead to a "lamb" of a party. My trusty camera woman was running late, so I didn't get pictures of the decorations and food in full glory before the party started, but I impressed the Hubby.  (I even got a thank you, and whisper into my ear that I might have gone a little overboard) I'm so glad I had the party for him though.  It was nice having friends and family come get together and show him some support and love. Plus now armed with email addresses, phone numbers, etc. I will be putting together a filled out address book for the Hubby to take over with him. The idea of getting lots of letters and memories written down didn't turn out so great.  We only ended up with 6, but they were so much fun to read together.  I will be putting together a little scrap book for the Hubby of the party, instead of the random letters throughout his deployment.

And OMG the cake!  The cake my aunt made was yummy and awh-mazing!!

Food (check) - with leftovers galore! I worked my butt off getting guests to take food home with them, so we won't have to eat sloppy joes until next Spring.

Drinks (check) - though the layered red, white, and blue punch didn't stay layered when it came time to refill.  To make this work, make sure you have LOTS of ice...and won't need to refill multiple times.

Disclaimer: I didn't take this picture (mine didn't turn out so pretty), I found the idea on Pinterest (
The Toddler's favorite part of the party was his cup of ice!

 Balloons! (check) Decorations were a hit, although my sister and friends with children may not have liked my pawning off generosity by letting the kiddos take home as many balloons as they could carry come time to drive home.

The Big D loved the balloons! (and his Aunty)
Dollar Store toys = happy occupied children.  Cheap tractors and trucks entertained the little lads, I forgot the word searches, coloring books, and crayons...but I still think they would be a good idea for any party where you will have adults and children.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Plan on being Spontaneous....Tomorrow

I used to be least I think I did.  The idea of just picking up and going brought a smile to my face...but fast forward a few years and a few kids. Different story, now I plan, plan, plan and when invited to do something, I am immediately thinking of how it will affect the kidlets' routine. Not that planning does anything for me...because nothing ever goes according to plan.

Gone are the days of calling up the Boyfriend (now known as the Hubby) and suggesting lets go camping when you get off work.  Him driving up in his pickup, stopping by the store to buy whatever camping supplies weren't readily available, driving hours and hoping to find a camping spot someplace I had never even heard of before.  Relatives telling us we thought of this plan too late and there wouldn't be a spot to be had.  We went anyway, and had a great time.

How I used to loathe routine, yet now I embrace it. Routine is safe, you know it works (even when it doesn't, it feels like it will...because you have a 'plan') Maybe after the boys are out of diapers and we are done potty training we can just pickup and go on an adventure?

For now, I am a planner.  I plan things to death, with the end result always different than the vision. To be honest maybe I have always been a planner, but now the condition is acute and chronic.  But, for the sake of the boys getting to be boys and live a little whilst being little.  I have a goal.  Tomorrow, I plan on being spontaneous...or well, maybe this weekend.  We would actually have more time this next weekend. After all this weekend is Hubby's Pre-Deployment Send Off Party.

Okay it's settled, I plan on being spontaneous NEXT weekend.  That should give me time to come up with something fun to do on the fly!
Can I even really do this? I might be missing the mark on the spontaneity...wish me luck.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Conversations with the Toddler

Josh: We going to the farm?

Me: Nope, we are going to Tristas today

Josh: yea

Josh: Trista is at the farm?

Me: No, honey Trista isn't at the farm.

Josh: Trista at her house?

Me: Yep, Trista is at her house.

Josh: Trista is a big farmer?

Me: No, I don't think Trista is a big farmer?

Josh: Mommy is a big farmer

Me: laughing...daddy is a big farmer

Josh: yeah

Me: and Josh is a big farmer

Josh: yeah

Josh: I ride on fourwheeler

Me: Yes, Josh rides on the fourwheeler

Josh: I ride in tractor

Me: Yes, Josh rides in the tractor

Josh: I feed cows

Me: Yep, Josh feeds cows, so Josh is a big farmer

Josh: Mommy

Me: Yea

Josh: I love you mommy mommy mommy

Me: I love you too honey

Josh: I not honey, I Josh

After a majority of a month  left me 2 against 1 with the boys...and with too much time on my hands, and really only the Toddler to talk to...I have decided someday the he will be a very deep, philosophical minded individual; filling books with his quotes, wisdom and knowledge.  Until then I'm going to record the silly stuff. We have a lot of interesting conversations commuting to and from daycare in the next town over...when of course we are taking a break from singing.

"I'm hungee for Mommy's house." ~ Mostly we gather that means he wants to go home.

"I want a sick, I want a sick!" ~ After daddy mentioned that he was getting sick, the Toddler thought he should be too (which he already was anyway...but there was no convincing the Toddler that he wasn't in fact missing out on something incredibly awesome.)

"I'm jumping on Mommy's crib" ~ We had a day where all beds (and the couch) were referred to as cribs.

"The cows want to eat my shoes!"

"That frog talking about me"

"Baby talking about me"

"The cows talking about me" ~ Hmm...either conceited or paranoid?  He seemed to smile and be pleased though, so I guess its all good.

You already of course you all remember his most famous line, "I burp and fart in my mouth"

Do you record or remember fun quotes that come from children?