Monday, April 16, 2012

A Few Days Off?

My husband is a go getter.  He can't stand to just sit around and do nothing.  This weekend he stayed home with me and the boys instead of going to the farm.  He slept in until the boys woke us up and after that it was go go go!

I wasn't feeling so hot and was herding children, but that didn't slow him down.  My dear Hubby took a huge chunk out of To-Do's and made them To-Dones! While I sat around blowing my nose, running to the bathroom, and trying to get caught up on laundry/starting on some Spring cleaning, He:

1) hired a guy to come cut down the last tree in our backyard (the only one that really needed to go) It was 2/3 dead and thinking about falling on either our garage or the neighbors house. The Hubby and our neighbor had tried to get it last year, but after taking out the powerline to our house decided to let a  professional finish the job.

Our Tree guy estimated the Elm was 70-80 years old.   

2) rented a lawn tractor with tiller and got to work in our front yard, and then seeded it with grass. Woot woot, I have a lawn in my future!!! He delegated me to rake the grass seed in...and do some watering. Easy enough.

I'm going to have a lawn again!!!
3) went to work in the backyard with his chainsaw and cut up the tree for firewood. Easily gathered and delivered to our neighbors! Saves us a trip to the dump and they seem to like the free kindling.

4) took out 2 loads of twigs and branches and brought in several loads of dirt. He is planning on filling in the spots that settled from digging up the basement and finishing the landscaping. We will be tilling the backyard and planting grass there as well.

5) cleaned out and re-arranged stuff in the garage and created a pristine clutter free home for the car in the garage!!! Thereby starting the end to our Mexican Standoff!!

My car fits in the garage again!

6) also installed a new garage door opener/motor thingy and programmed it to my car.  Awesomeness!  Plus this side is newer, better and (as my dad would say) more good-er, AKA it has the motion sensor to prevent flattened children.

Mexican Standoff (the back story): We may have butted heads around moving time almost 2 years ago. Hubby had gone to Missouri for a 5 week Army school and expected me to have everything packed and ready for our move. I thought we should go through everything together and decide what we wanted and didn't want (plus I was dragging my feet and not really ready to move). Result unhappy husband and all of our crap getting loaded up, then dumped thrown moved into the garage. I was then told it was up to me to unpack.

 A year later, my mom pretty much told me to "suck it up buttercup" and tackle the garage.  We went through it and pitched a bunch of stuff; took two pickup loads to the dump; unpacked some more...until we got to a spot where I didn't know what to do with the rest of the stuff and decided when the Hubby got back from yet another one of his schools we could take 1/2 a day and finish the job TOGETHER (sensing a theme?)  Anywho at that point I could fit my car in the garage...about 2 weeks later, I no longer could.  Hubby needed something, junk got shifted...and my car sat in the driveway over the winter. The two of us might be a TAD bit stubborn. half of the garage is going to take some time.
My mission I have been assigned is to go through the other half while he is gone.  Mission accepted babe, Thank you :)

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