Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Plan on being Spontaneous....Tomorrow

I used to be spontaneous...at least I think I did.  The idea of just picking up and going brought a smile to my face...but fast forward a few years and a few kids. Different story, now I plan, plan, plan and when invited to do something, I am immediately thinking of how it will affect the kidlets' routine. Not that planning does anything for me...because nothing ever goes according to plan.

Gone are the days of calling up the Boyfriend (now known as the Hubby) and suggesting lets go camping when you get off work.  Him driving up in his pickup, stopping by the store to buy whatever camping supplies weren't readily available, driving hours and hoping to find a camping spot someplace I had never even heard of before.  Relatives telling us we thought of this plan too late and there wouldn't be a spot to be had.  We went anyway, and had a great time.

How I used to loathe routine, yet now I embrace it. Routine is safe, you know it works (even when it doesn't, it feels like it will...because you have a 'plan') Maybe after the boys are out of diapers and we are done potty training we can just pickup and go on an adventure?

For now, I am a planner.  I plan things to death, with the end result always different than the vision. To be honest maybe I have always been a planner, but now the condition is acute and chronic.  But, for the sake of the boys getting to be boys and live a little whilst being little.  I have a goal.  Tomorrow, I plan on being spontaneous...or well, maybe this weekend.  We would actually have more time this next weekend. After all this weekend is Hubby's Pre-Deployment Send Off Party.

Okay it's settled, I plan on being spontaneous NEXT weekend.  That should give me time to come up with something fun to do on the fly!
Can I even really do this? I might be missing the mark on the spontaneity...wish me luck.

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  1. Can I tell you something?
    It's a whole heck of a lot easier to be spontaneous when everyone is potty-trained. You can still be spontaneous! But it's different, now. More like: "Too tired to cook, so let's have milkshakes for supper!" or "I'm going to take my chances and wear the white shirt today...really living on the edge!"
    In a few years, when they're 7 and 5, you can throw everyone in a car and drive to a movie on a whim, but now...plan away, girlfriend!