Sunday, April 22, 2012

Naptime Wars

Overall I am have been very blessed/lucky.  My kiddos are pretty good nappers...usually.  We have our days.  As the boys share a room sometimes we end up staggering nap time or having them nap in separate rooms.  I am not really a Naptime Nazi mom though.  If they aren't going to nap, they just have to have quiet their room...with the lights off...without playing with bed.

The other day everything was not working out.  The Big D was standing in his crib babbling away to The Toddler.  Their timing was so perfect, it was a full fledged conversation.  About what, I'm not sure...I can only assume they were plotting against me.  They understand 2:1 odds, my only chance was to divide and conquer. I ended up putting the older one in my bed and soon baby boy fell asleep in his crib (dreaming up the particulars of the latest dubious scheme no doubt).

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, every excuse to stay up in the book being exhausted,  I ended up letting the Toddler run amok in the living-room (for fear of him waking up the sleeping monster baby.)  My new plan was staggering naptime.  Let the baby sleep first, deal with the toddler later. I just realized how that sounds, it was not defeat...don't side with the Hubby and the Toddler on this....I am the Mom and I am in control.

After The Big D was awake, smiley and ready to go the boys played together nicely...for all of 5 minutes.  I still had one kid that needed a nap.  I would give the temper tantrum thrown a solid 9.5 (any event judge will tell you perfect scores aren't given out anymore) It really was one for the books, textbook Toddler Tantrum.  If I hadn't been so frustrated I could have taken a picture that would be used in dictionaries for years to come.  Into the room we went, The Toddler glared at his bed as if to say "Naptime...we meet again"

I ended up throwing him in the crib as he refused stay in his bed or listen...and came out with stories of the dump truck and other toys pushing him.  After a few minutes I realized he was actually quiet.  Any mom can tell you QUIET is tricky. You think you want it , but when you get it...tends to be ominous. A bit like the calm before the storm, destruction is a-coming.  Coincidence? I think not.  I peeked into the room and saw he was no longer in the crib, but had tucked himself into his bed.  He caught me peeping in and said "Momma, I no want to sleep in baby crib, I nap in my bed." Then he fluffed his pillow and told me he was tired and going to take a nap.



He then stretched his arms, yawned and said "Really Good Nap...I not sleepy anymore"  I gave up, it had been about 3 1/2 hours since that start of the Naptime Battle and he had dropped the attitude.  He gave me a big hug and we went into the livingroom and picked out a couple books to read.  Remarkably the attitude and tantrum throwing stayed gone, but I am still not convinced he actually took a nap.

Have you ever cut your losses in parenting? Or do you stick to your guns come hell or high water?

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