Monday, April 2, 2012

Conversations with the Toddler

Josh: We going to the farm?

Me: Nope, we are going to Tristas today

Josh: yea

Josh: Trista is at the farm?

Me: No, honey Trista isn't at the farm.

Josh: Trista at her house?

Me: Yep, Trista is at her house.

Josh: Trista is a big farmer?

Me: No, I don't think Trista is a big farmer?

Josh: Mommy is a big farmer

Me: laughing...daddy is a big farmer

Josh: yeah

Me: and Josh is a big farmer

Josh: yeah

Josh: I ride on fourwheeler

Me: Yes, Josh rides on the fourwheeler

Josh: I ride in tractor

Me: Yes, Josh rides in the tractor

Josh: I feed cows

Me: Yep, Josh feeds cows, so Josh is a big farmer

Josh: Mommy

Me: Yea

Josh: I love you mommy mommy mommy

Me: I love you too honey

Josh: I not honey, I Josh

After a majority of a month  left me 2 against 1 with the boys...and with too much time on my hands, and really only the Toddler to talk to...I have decided someday the he will be a very deep, philosophical minded individual; filling books with his quotes, wisdom and knowledge.  Until then I'm going to record the silly stuff. We have a lot of interesting conversations commuting to and from daycare in the next town over...when of course we are taking a break from singing.

"I'm hungee for Mommy's house." ~ Mostly we gather that means he wants to go home.

"I want a sick, I want a sick!" ~ After daddy mentioned that he was getting sick, the Toddler thought he should be too (which he already was anyway...but there was no convincing the Toddler that he wasn't in fact missing out on something incredibly awesome.)

"I'm jumping on Mommy's crib" ~ We had a day where all beds (and the couch) were referred to as cribs.

"The cows want to eat my shoes!"

"That frog talking about me"

"Baby talking about me"

"The cows talking about me" ~ Hmm...either conceited or paranoid?  He seemed to smile and be pleased though, so I guess its all good.

You already of course you all remember his most famous line, "I burp and fart in my mouth"

Do you record or remember fun quotes that come from children?

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  1. Your blog is going to blow you away in a couple of years! Keep writing all you can here, because you'll look back and think, "OH! I forGOT he did that!"! I'm so glad I put so many little things in my blog, day to day funnies, because now it's like a journal I can look back on and share.

    (The cows probably WERE talking about him. They're gossipy old things...)