Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rough Start, Happy Ending

My grandma used to always tell me the adage about March.  It can come in like a lion and go out like a lamb (or vice versa)

I have come to discover all events are like March (even when they happen in April...or anytime really). If things are coming together smoothly...say like a lamb, then rest assured that lion is going to bite you in the a$$.  But, when things are a little growly and lion-ish from the start, you may just have a peaceful outcome in the end.

The morning of the Hubby's party the Big D had a massive blowout diaper...that left a stinky trail of evidence in runny turds across our living room carpet.  After a brief debate about who had to clean up the baby and who should clean up the floor its safe to say we were in for a long morning.  Somewhere between shampoo and vacc-ing the floor, making sloppy joes and trying to get ran through the shower...the Big D sensed organization forming and plans coming together.  In order to stop this he then immedietaly plotted with The Toddler to take a stand for anarchy and mayhem.

I came running out of my bedroom with a loosely wrapped towel and soggy turban on my head in response to sudden wailing.  The Big D had just gotten a couple fingers shut by the hinges of the bathroom door.  The Toddler pleading "Sowwy baby, I shut fingers out".  The crocodile tears flowing, the fingernail and skin and blood gushing = one panicking momma.  I got some bandages on the fingers while baby tried to bite them off, and cried harder each time his fingers were touched.  I then called the Hubby who ends up hanging up on me because he can't hear me over the wailing.  . After the Hubby the got home we decided the fingers weren't broken, and hospital trip wasn't needed...but he will still probably lose at least one nail.  I ran in to finish up the last minute decorating for the party.

One piece of luck, the "lion" of a morning, lead to a "lamb" of a party. My trusty camera woman was running late, so I didn't get pictures of the decorations and food in full glory before the party started, but I impressed the Hubby.  (I even got a thank you, and whisper into my ear that I might have gone a little overboard) I'm so glad I had the party for him though.  It was nice having friends and family come get together and show him some support and love. Plus now armed with email addresses, phone numbers, etc. I will be putting together a filled out address book for the Hubby to take over with him. The idea of getting lots of letters and memories written down didn't turn out so great.  We only ended up with 6, but they were so much fun to read together.  I will be putting together a little scrap book for the Hubby of the party, instead of the random letters throughout his deployment.

And OMG the cake!  The cake my aunt made was yummy and awh-mazing!!

Food (check) - with leftovers galore! I worked my butt off getting guests to take food home with them, so we won't have to eat sloppy joes until next Spring.

Drinks (check) - though the layered red, white, and blue punch didn't stay layered when it came time to refill.  To make this work, make sure you have LOTS of ice...and won't need to refill multiple times.

Disclaimer: I didn't take this picture (mine didn't turn out so pretty), I found the idea on Pinterest (
The Toddler's favorite part of the party was his cup of ice!

 Balloons! (check) Decorations were a hit, although my sister and friends with children may not have liked my pawning off generosity by letting the kiddos take home as many balloons as they could carry come time to drive home.

The Big D loved the balloons! (and his Aunty)
Dollar Store toys = happy occupied children.  Cheap tractors and trucks entertained the little lads, I forgot the word searches, coloring books, and crayons...but I still think they would be a good idea for any party where you will have adults and children.

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  1. Well, THAT sounds like the TYPICAL start to an event! I'm so glad the little man didn't have to have any medical intervention and that your party ended up being what you'd hoped for. (In the old fashioned words: "And a good time was had by all!")

    Sloppy joes are MY go-to meal, too! They can be extended like the dickens if more show up than originally planned.