Saturday, April 21, 2012

Talk the Talk

Months ago the Big D was babbling and chattering up a storm, with no purpose whatsoever mind you, while he happened to start looking at the Hubby and let out a string of "Dada Dada Dada" then crawled over to him.  Totally meaningless baby gibberish.

When I went visit my sister, my niece had informed me it sounded like baby boy had said "Stop it", I didn't hear it.  Besides can you really trust  a 7 year old?

My mom swears she has heard him say "Hi" on more than one occasion...I would never tell grandma otherwise, but clearly she is mistaken.  After all, isn't it in the rules somewhere that the first word is always heard by the mother?  Of course it is...I make the rules.
No way Mom...I make the rules!

It is now official though, the Big D has said his first meaningful word and associated it properly.  I came home from work earlier this week and when I walked in he said "Mama, mama" and crawled right on over to the door to greet me.  His FIRST word, it's exciting really, and has been repeated several times a day since!

Mama is so much better than the Toddler's first words.  In the same day "boob" and later followed by "daddy".  So the Toddler said 'dad' first, the Big D said 'mom' first.  So not only is it logical and fair, it is exciting not to have a repeat and seeing that smug look on their father's face.
Smug Look

What? You doubt me? It is my story and I am sticking to it.  Take that Hubby!

PS - Okay...he may not be quite the Mama's boy I make him out to be....just don't tell my Hubby.

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