Saturday, February 27, 2016

Remodeling & Checkups

Another prenatal appointment down. My Mom came up Wednesday night so we could leave early and get errands ran too. We spent them morning wandering around Menards getting ideas and prices for remodeling the main bathroom. I was mopping and the vinyl floor ripped and revealed the water damage we suspected was way worse than we realized. Currently half the floor is tore up. We are going to have to replace everything including the subfloor. 

Current debate is my husband wants to put up a surround and I want to tile the surround. I never want to deal with water getting behind the surround again and I loved the tile shower surround we had in our rental apartment when we wer first married. We have leftover flooring from our kitchen project and found a narrow vanity that will give us more floor space. A soaker tub for under $300, and we will have a few more debates discussions on a medicine cabinet. The plastic tiles will come off the rest of the walls. I would like to do shiplap or wainscoting after but agreed to just a coat of paint.

As far as the babies' appointment everything looked good. They moved up from the 20th percentile to the 50th and are each about 1 pound 10 ounces. I passed my glucose screening, which I was expecting to fail. I celebrated with ice cream on the way home. Usually in a twin pregnancy appointments get closer together after 20 weeks, but my doctor said she was comfortable with just scheduling for another 4 weeks and growth scan at the same time. Provided I called her if anything changed and what to be on the lookout for. I am measuring 34-35 weeks in a singleton pregnancy. So it's not my imagination that I am about as big as I was at the end of my other pregnancies and I don't feel so bad about already waddling now. Produce comparison for 25 weeks varies according to website but the popular choices are acorn squash and cauliflower.

Switching topics again - what features would want if you were remodeling a bathroom?

Monday, February 15, 2016

The Great Tooth Debate

A little over a week ago the oldest came home from Kindergarden and declared he has his first loose tooth. Much excitement. Other kiddos have lost teeth already and he had been asking "when, when will I loose a tooth?! I am old enough teacher said kids lose teeth in Kindergarden." Followed by a list of names of children who have been visited prior by the tooth fairy.

I really cant recall how long it takes to lose a tooth. Growing up we left the tooth alone until it was really wobbly and then pulled it. We were encouraged to wiggle it and loosen everything up. In Hubby's family you leave the tooth alone completely to fall out on its own. Don't mess with it, ignore it.

Also I used to put my teeth in a cup of water by the sink where upon morning the tooth fairy had left a few coins in its place. Varying amount and type of coin based on a complex formula of tooth quality I assume. First tooth is always worth more. Hubby said the tooth fairy faithfully leaves a 50 cent piece for each tooth under the pillow.

So. Please share your knowledge of Tooth Fairy lore and methods of losing loose teeth below in the comments.