Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Letters to Santa: Part 1

I'm not sure why this won't post. It has been hung up in "publishing" but I wasn't able to edit or report.  I added the pictures again...same thing.  Here is attempt #3.

We wrote letters to Santa. J was afraid Santa would come all the way to our house from the North Pole, find the wish lists, have to fly his sled all the way back to pick out presents and fly to our house once more.

Also he wanted to mail the letter at the Post Office himself. I told him to wait for the Big D to write a letter and we could mail them together. 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Letters to Santa: Part 2

While J was at Preschool the Big D and I worked on his Santa letter.

He was a little harder to direct,  but I wrote what he said. Though I did notice his Santa letter resembled his bedtime prayers... worring about bad guys was new. (I did interrupt playing with transformers in the midst of some serious crime fighting).

I was impressed at first all he wanted for Christmas was for Grandpa not to be sick. Then I asked if he wanted anything else and requests started coming.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekend Warriors

This weekend was the Hubby's drill weekend and Guard Christmas Party.  Last year the unit celebrated being home from deployment. The girls wore ball gowns and the guys wore the dress uniforms/suits. (A photographer also captured pictures of couples. There I am extremely pregnant with baby girl).

This year was almost shockingly different. For starters it wasn't -30, it also wasn't formal. Ugly sweater was the theme and the whole unit was not together. Apparently the MC portion is a pretty young group.

In the afternoon they had the family pizza party. With very few families. I'm not going to lie,  I missed the bounce house, face painting,  Santa Claus and activities of the past. Realistically though,  there aren't the kids. Most of the soldiers aren't married let alone starting families.

After the party I met up with a Great Aunt and took the kids to see Santa. We waited in line for 2 hours to see Santa.  Had I not announced the plan before hand I would have turned around after seeing the line. For the boys it was worth the wait. I loved the pictures, but the memory was the kid's favorite part.

The Big D asked about reindeer and if Santa had a puppy.  J wanted to know why he couldn't see Santa's lips. Bear only cried after starting to slide off Santa's lap and I grabbed her. (Santa did lift up his legs and catch her too) I think her big brothers would have visited with Saint Nick all day.

The kids were loved one by Aunty and the Hubby and I went to the Ugly Sweater Party. It was nice to get out as a couple, though I missed all the wonderful ladies I got to know during the deployment.

We got back in time to deal with a sick kiddo and in turn a sick Hubby. Now everyone else is healthy. ..and we have a sick Mom. Tis the season.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thankful on Thanksgiving

This year Thanksgiving didn't go as planned. I still have so much to be thankful for, I just didn't get my way.

Tuesday a sudden onset of the plague caught up with me. Sore throat,  ear pains, the chills and a little of this and that enough to send me running for a fuzzy blanket on my couch.
I called off traveling to see my family this year. Which in my little world is a big deal, in the larger scope and I know it isn't.

At the end of the day, I can be thankful for a loving husband, adorable kids, and caring inlaws.  And drugs, I'm taking drugs to feel better so thankful for that too. I am also diffusing my thieves blend essential oils. 

My Hubby took the boys to do morning chores and had Thanksgiving dinner with his family.  Then stopped by to pickup baby girl so I could get a nap...and he brought Thanksgiving to me with love from the rest of the fam.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


My Hubby is a self proclaimed feline hater. He has shotdown and shutdown all suggestions of getting a cat for pet or mousing purposes. Which has been fine by me as I'm allergic and not a fan of cat hair. I like cats, in the sense when other people have them I'm more inclined to pet them than kick them. Oh and I loved kittens when I was little. Of course they were outdoor furbabies and as Mom always made us wash hands when we came inside I hadn't discovered my allergy.

The Hubby has ruthlessly shot down requests from puppy dog eyed children with arguments like "at daycare we learned about pets and some people have kitties and some puppies and some fish.....but we have no pets at all"

So I was a bit surprised to get a phone call from the Hubby saying we might get a cat. Apparently he found a kitten almost froze to death and is trying to rescue it. He brought it to the farm and it is currently at his Mom's.  If it pulls through he is bringing it home.

Huh...unexpected to say the least.

Friday, November 7, 2014

My Own Worst Enemy

My Hubby says I am my own worst enemy. Truth be told, he isn't wrong.

Yesterday I was trying to get caught up with laundry and after 4-5 loads I stepped in a puddle of water on the floor when I went to switch loads. I got it mopped up the best I could and called my honey.  However he found fixing fence more pertinent.

He did come home early.  Pulled my washer forward and did a thorough inspection.  A test load of whites and then towels. Of course no flood. Which is irratating in a I'm glad there isn't a flood or leak, but way to make me a liar and throw off my routine.

This morning the Hubby said "I think you are good to finish the last few loads, but leave the washer pulled out until I get home."

It sounds simple enough and I really cant explain why I couldn't leave it at that. Instead I finished laundry.  For real finished, as in all done, folded and put away. Even the wash by hand. Inspired-Possessed by this I decided I wanted to clean behind the washer-dryer ad lets face it I haven't done since we replaced thoses appliances a year and a half ago. In the process I managed to bump my head on the shelf and knock off a glass apothecary jar full of clothes pins.(down to 1 oit of the orginal 3 now). Of course it shattered everywhere. This lead to a thorough sweeping. ...and stepping barefoot on glass. Leaving bloody footprints all over the floor and creating a need to mop.

With a full fledged floor cleaning necessary I decided I might as well move the washer back in place. Which lead to me tearing the vinyl on the floor and stepping on more broken glass...barefoot again.

It also required calling the Hubby to see what he knows about floor repair. ..and a "I thought I said to leave the washer alone until I got home?"

So here is the question. ..mop up the bloody footprints or leave them for sympathy?

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Consequences of Sneaking Candy

I was eavesdropping on the boys conversation while feeding baby girl
Well after I heard the words "then mom could marry again" I started listening.

Me: What?

Josh: *giggle giggle*...did you hear what we said?

Me: no, what did you say?

Josh: when daddy gets home we are going to scare him, then he will run away to the coyotes and get eated. Then you can marry again.

Me: I don't want to marry anyone else. I would be sad and cry and cry.

Josh: well Daddy steals candy so I thought of that plan. And you don't need to be sad you could marry again!

Me: I don't want to,  I only want to be married to daddy.

Josh: oh, okay. I wont think of that plan again....unless you stop loving daddy.

Daniel: I'll make you stop loving him (waves arms around) BREAK. I broke you feelings. *giggle giggle*

Josh: how do you stop loving daddy.  If he hurts your feelings?

Daniel: I already broke them.

Well...apparently sneaking Halloween candy is a serious offense and Daddy is replaceable.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Eldest Turned a Handful

Now I know I have a picture from his 4th birthday...but at the moment I can't find it. However the picture was taken close-ish.
(Computer is broke again - first valid reason to overshare on facebook, I found all the other years)

Happy 5th Birthday Bud.

A New Low

Whelp...my lazy parenting reached a new low tonight. The boys wanted to play hide and go seek. I introduced a new concept of roles for 3 players. One Hider, One Seeker...and One Counter.

At the time it seemed genius, now I feeling a little guilty and a whole lot of lazy. I didn't even mve when they decided I should hide, I just put the blanket over me and laid on the floor.

Care to share your laziest parental moment?

Monday, October 13, 2014

Kids Say the Creepiest Stuff

So the boys were asking what would happen to them if Mommy and Daddy "got dead". I said if something ever happened to us then Aunt BeLinda and Uncle Don would take care of them.
Questions followed as to how they would know to come get them, etc. I gave the best simple explanations that I could.
Kids decided we would die in a car accident. So I said that the cops and an ambulance would come and keep them safe and make sure they were ok. The Big D requested fighter-fighters (fire fighters). I said they come too.
"All the heroes?"
Yep, all the people that keep others safe.
"Army soldiers too?"
Well, no.
Some questioning came up as to how many people would have to die in order for them to live with the neighbors friends. Conversation headed in the direction that our extended family is much bigger than little minds realize. Mommy has over 50+ first cousins, 30+ Aunts and Uncles, and they have 8 Grandparents and a whole slew of people on Daddy's side.  Odds are family will take them in. They then thought maybe all adults in the world would die...and then scared themselves.
After reassuring them all adults wouldnt die and leave only children behind (with memories of Lord of the Flies running through my head...note to self - dont let the boys read that book) Then I heard nothing more on the topic. A few questions about Great Great Grandma and heaven, but no more about everyone else's impending death. (Have I mentioned how creepy it is for 3 and 4 year olds reminding you that you are getting older everyday and closer to dead?)
Anyway, I thought we were past those fun conversations. Then they ask me the other night:
"What if we didnt have to wait for you to die to live with Uncle Don and Aunt BeLinda?"
Uhmm...what? I'm not dying.
"Well they could live with us in our house."
Honey, we have 2 bedrooms and there are already 6  (I count the dog) in their family. Where would they sleep? (You know that and the fact they are in the process of building their dream house and likely not wanting to move close to 80 miles from work)
"Well, Connor could sleep in the top bunk with me."
"And Gabe could sleep in my bottom bunk with me."
"Yay, and Baby Ellie and our baby could share the crib."
What about Aunt B and Uncle Don.
"They would sleep in your bed with you and Daddy."
...uhmm....no, just no
"Why not?"
(Have I pushed sharing too hard maybe?)

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Kid Season

When the Hubby and I first started our little family, and I was in the newborn haze of lack of sleep and new found extra love. One of my aunts told me of raising kids "the days are long, but the years are short".

How true I am finding that to be.  The days can be so incredibly long, sometimes difficult,  sometimes fun and happy, and many times lonely.  It's hard to explain feeling lonely when you are constantly surrounded by three little blessings. It can be.

The Hubby has been busy working with an extremely long and disappointing Harvest. We tend to think of Harvest being wrapped up by early to mid August. The amount of rain however had us finishing up the end of September with sprout damaged and bleached out wheat. This meant he was/is in the field whenever possible. It has also meant seeding winter wheat and combining safflower at the same time.

The latest rain effected us differently. I'm adjusting to being a SAHM and not working outside of the home. (A decision I don't regret a  would make over and over. It was the best choice for our situation and our family) It is still an adjustment. I miss the challenges, I'm a nerd but I miss the math and numbers,  I miss a schedule, adult conversation and life's stories from friends who are out of the diaper trenches. So when rainy days had him home more and coming in early...well. He was a little on the grumpy side stuck at home. I was loving having him here....during daylight hours!

So many times I have felt so lonely and trapped in the never ending requests and questions and dong the same things over and over. Reading the same book over and over. Then I blink and they wearing bigger clothes and performing new tricks. Asking for help a little less frequently.

The benefits are the little moments that make up the hours.

Dandelion bouquets every time they go outside.

Bedtime prayers and daily snuggles.

Watching them play. Especially listening to their made up stories. When they aren't arguing they are adorable.

Those smiles when I walk in the room. The giggles from the same hiding spot they have used four times in a row. Counting anywhere between 7 and 36 when its mom's turn to hide.

The number of compliments they dole out and lyrics they slaughter from songs they should probably know.  The made up tunes with limited and repeated words.

So I take the good along with the messes, spilled and broken glasses, horrors of potty training, pulled hair, spitup, endless laundry, tantrums, time consuming "help", crumbs, broken toys, interrupted sleep,  tears and whining.

The days are long but the years are short.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Here, there, everywhere

Weekly Wrapup Recap
Dropkick Murphy's Concert in Billings with my sister.  Bear being babysat for the first time (4hrs away from Mom!) Boys had a daddy day in the combine and finished the wheat harvest. Would have liked our Husbands to come too, but it is what it is and it was nice trip regardless. The boys were thrilled, riding in equipment. ..enough said.
I hate to jinx myself but I think the Big D is officially potty trained! For the low price of Spiderman underwear and a Paw Patrol Rocky toy and my sanity, after 3 weeks of lots of extra laundry. 
Getting to spend time with friends. I watched a couple of cute boys while their Momma got her hair done Thursday morning.  Then I had a new friend over with her son after Storytime at the library.
The kids really enjoy playing outside with the neighbor kids. Claire likes the attention when she comes out too.
We spent an afternoon in Glendive. Had my BIL order our new garage door, fancy storm door for the front, and picked up stain to finish the second coat on our fence. Coffee with my sister and we managed to get house numbers and doorbells. We have a couple house projects when the Hubby gets home from Guards. The kids loved playing with their cousins.
JBug is loving Preschool...and his new hand me down robot sweater. (I find it creepy)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sunday, September 7, 2014


Me: Hey what happened here? Where did this mess come from?
J: It must have been Daniel because it's never my fault right mom?

Me: Hey, indoor voice bud.
J: I don't have an indoor voice. My dad told me that.
Kids really don't comprehend sarcasm.
J: Mom you know what I forgot? I forgot to tell you my tales from preschool!
Me: You could tell me now.
J: OK, I will share my tales of preschool with you.
I feel as though he is going to be a poet, author, or playwright when he grows up.
J: You don't know everything mom.
Me: Yes I do.
J: nuh-uh
Me: What don't I know then?
J: uhmm...I don't know.
Me: Then how do you know that I don't know everything?
J: Because God is the only one who knows everything...and Trish.
Makes sense, God and preschool the source of all knowledge in the world.
J: I know never to talk to strangers. I watched a video and learned that in Preschool.
Me: That is good know and remember. You should only talk to strangers if Mom or Dad are with you.
J: But it's okay. I can just ask them their name and then they will be my friend not a stranger.
Because asking a question apparently doesn't count as a talking. It also explains him yelling at vehicles driving by: "Hey what's your name?"
J: Is the baby getting big?
Me: Yes she is, she is growing.
J: So her bones won't break if we step on her?
Me: Don't step on your sister.
J: hmmm...oh, ok.
And tummy time suddenly seems more dangerous.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Big D Turned 3

The Big D turned 3 in May. We had a small-ish birthday party by the lake and playground. We reserved the part of the gazebo closest to the playground. Nothing ever turns out like I envision in my mind, but overall it was fun.

I felt the genius of the plan was the kids being able to play outside and adults getting a chance to visit. My house isn't really big enough when both our families come. What I didn't think through was it was still hard to see the kids and the 15 trips to gather them up for eating, dessert, presents...everything. We had actually lost the majority of the party goers by the time we got the birthday boy situated to open presents.  However surrounded by friends and family always makes for a good time.

Baby Girl was passed around and cuddled and largely napped. The Hubby made some wonderful sloppy joes (don't let him fool you, he really can cook). The kids had fun so that is the point. The Big D love-love-loved his cake. I had an Aunt bring the grocery store a picture of Rubble from a Paw Patrol and asked them to put it on half a sheet cake.

However all the memories we made that day weren't so great. After opening presents the birthday boy fell backwards off the picnic table and landed head first onto the concrete. I got him calmed down and he was acting sleepy. I wish I would have been thinking more clearly, but I thought he was cuddly after being hurt and 3 hrs overdue for a nap. The Hubby did look at his eyes to check for concussion but it was really bright and he didn't want to open his eyes. We decided to take a drive around to look at some of the crops before going home. All three kids were asleep within minutes. We got home and the Hubby wanted to check the Big D's eyes again because he was still concerned about a concussion. I'm so dense I still thought he was just tired.  The Big D wasn't talking normal, wouldn't open his eyes, and started puking. All of the sudden I was more aware of what was really happening, he was dizzy and disorientated. He couldn't see straight which is why he kept his eyes closed. He was lethargic not sleepy. So I changed his clothes and took him to the car to go to the ER. He puked again. I went in and grabbed a towel. While we were there he seemed dizzy and just cried or curled up to sleep. Then I couldn't get him to wake up. The physician on call got him to and recommended a CT scan, was preparing me for the possibility of going to Billings for 24 hr observation. I called the Hubby and told him to get a bag ready.

My Mother-in-law was kind enough to rush in and stay with our other kids and the Hubby came to the ER to wait with us. Fortunately the Big D had a dramatic turn around. While I went with him for the CT Scan he started talking and opened his eyes, he was acting awake. By the time we got back to the room Daddy was there waiting and the Big D was acting like a 3 year old. Hiding under the bed and playing peek-a-boo with Daddy, climbing on him and chattering. Honestly it was like a light switch. The on all physician waited on the results and everything looked good, that coupled with his behavior change we were released to go home. He stopped finally stopped puking around 6pm. I woke him up every time is was up for a feeding with baby girl, and the Hubby had alarms set so he got up and checked on him in between.

The Big D's personality changed a bit, but overall he has snapped back. The Hubby noticed he isn't talking as clear as he was before, but he is still talking well for his age. He now covers his ears and doesn't like loud noises which didn't use to bother him. His appetite changed, he is no longer a bottomless pit and eats extremely slow (which isn't a bad habit). He also went through a period were he acted afraid to be around other kids other than his big brother. He hid in our house if the neighbor kids were out playing. Became really shy suddenly (which might be a phase rather than bump on the head related). The end of July and this month he has been asking to play with the neighbor kids and is seeming more like his old self. There are little things that seem off, but it could be normal changes. We talked with his Doctor at his 3 year old appointment and she said he is on track, but to call with any concerns. She also said it can take a little guy a long time to fully recover. So we are grateful for how well he is doing.

It has been 3 months since his concussion, and he still manages to hit hit his on something daily. I feel like wrapping him in bubble wrap, but the Hubby says I'm a worrier and he is a normal little boy. Maybe we could compromise and I could get him a helmet?

*sidenote: when we get our computer fixed I will add pictures to my catchup posts*

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Random Thoughts at Bedtime

Tonight I am sitting on the couch watching my almost 5 month old daughter fight sleep in her swing. What I want to be doing is holding my cuddle bug tight in the rocking chair. Gently rocking until we are both ready for bed.

However I find myself on her bad side.

  1. I'm not dad. Therefore I am unable to give the proper pre-bedtime snuggles.
  2. I ate onions today. Her royal highness has had it with reminding me onions don't agree with her tummy.
  3. I am missing three tiny fist sized chucks of hair, am sporting a lot of drool on my shoulder, and I couldn't solve her dilemma of not knowing weather she wanted soothed and held or not. I decided to give the swing a try.
  4. Word must have gotten back about me boasting of her sleeping habits.

Her big brown eyes are droopy, she closes them longer and longer each time. Still opening them to peek around. We have moved past red faced screaming. Thank you Gripe Water...and Jesus.

The Hubby is gone for his two weeks of Annual Training for Guards...in the middle of harvest. I haven't heard from him in the last three days, but I heard plenty on his opinion of the timing before he left. There are several articles and news clips about the project. Fixing roads at Makoshika State Park by Glendive. I will have to add the links when I find them again.

The boys have spent the last few days outside more than in playing with neighbors. Our driveway at one point had 7-9 kiddos with bikes, trikes, wagons, sidewalk chalk, and opinions on what to play. I went ahead and moved the car out of the driveway. At one point I was informed there was an explosion in the oilfield and fire fighters were required. Somehow that morphed into transformers and the girls asking if they could play something more gentle.

I rearranged the living room and got caught up on some late Spring Cleaning. Two more closets and the dreaded kitchen left. A friend and I are having a garage sale next week. I'm trying to take the opportunity to clear out some clutter. I wonder if the Hubby actually minds that I rearrange things every-time he is gone for an extended period? Do you think he would actually notice anything missing?

Little girl is now sleeping. I'm not sure I'm brave enough to move her to the crib just yet. 3 sleeping kiddos in one room, how delicious is that? Only when they are actually sleeping, it's more of a 3-ring circus at nap time.

So this is 30.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

On Color

I have a confession to make.  I am not a big fan of the color pink.  I don't know if I liked it when I was younger, but by middle school I had already developed a hatred for the color.  It was also the color that I always seemed to receive as gifts.  Like the more I didn't like it, the more people associated it with me?  Not sure.

Fast forward about 3 years ago when I was expecting baby #2.  The ultrasound tech told us she was 95% sure it was a girl and never told people unless she knew for sure.  She even said she thought she saw earlier in the ultrasound but wanted to make sure.  All of the sudden much of my disdain for the color pink became disappearing.  I actually like the pink and choclate brown scheme.  (Although the crib bedding I was planning did not include the color).  Bouncing Baby Boy surprised the heck out of us in the delivery room and I never gave much thought to pink hues again.

Well, recently baby #3 joined our family.  While I was expecting I didn't know if our bambino would be a boy or girl.  I prefered the surprise like we did our first pregnancy and didn't have much faith or confidence in ultrasound techs after the second.  However when looking at baby clothes (girl clothes are always more fun and so much cuter) I didn't warm up to pink like I did a few years earlier.  In fact I found myself loving mint green and blues, yellows, reds, and even purples.  After ending up with a Saint Patricks day baby I really liked the mint green color even more.  (That and my favorite color is almost every shade of green).

Did you know it is somewhat of a challenge to find baby girl clothes without pink?  Which as a sidenote C-Bear rocks.

If You Say It Aloud...It's Not True

Me: (greeting the Hubby who was coming into the house) Be quiet all 3 kids are sleeping at the same time!

Sounds coming from boys' room

Me: Well 2 out of 3 are sleeping

Giggling sounds

Me:  At least one of the children is sleeping

squeaking sounds from bassinet

Me: I thought they were napping....there was a period of time it was quiet and I wasn't ready for it to end.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Why Hello - Its Been Awhile

It has been quite awhile since I have posted.  However, a lot has happened.  Due to realizing I liked my less crowded living-room without the computer set up in our living-room (when it left the house to get fixed we took everything down) we no longer had a setup conducive to my blogging.  However, I have missed it and apparently my family has too.

But back to the changes. If you know me in real life and keep up with me via facebook then the news isn't that big.

#1) I quit my job to stay home with my kiddos the end of February. 
#2 - We have a new baby!  On St. Patrick's Day we welcomed our first baby girl to our brood.  I am no longer so outnumbered by males in my house. (Another big part of why #1 came to be) 
#3) Well tons of other little stories that haven't been recorded.  I will probably write up some posts on various things so they don't get forgotten.

Now to my main reason for this post.  I got the preview of my newborn pictures today! I love them.