Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Children and Funerals Don't Mix

Top Ten Reasons Why the next Funeral I attend I will go it alone:
1) Children, they make you run late, always. The more prudent it is to be punctual or early, the later you will actually arrive. 
2) Toddler Quotes and Narration: "There are two Fathers Mommy, One-Two, One-Two, TWO FATHERS!  See Mom, One-Two Fathers!"  I know...please just stop talking!
3) If you have two small children at some point during the service they will head butt each other, and they will react as if death is eminent. 
4) The Toddler running around eating the snow that he had just stepped on at the graveside. Me unable to gracefully deal with it because of the wiggly-Stage-5-Clinger in my arms. "The snow is tasty in my Tummy" he explained to the priests afterwards. 
5) Trying to grab the 3 inch stiletto heel of a girl standing behind us in line at the reception. (The boy does have good taste in shoes, they were adorable....I'm just hoping he didn't look up her dress) 
6) Wandering away from all of his "new friends" and taking off solo without a coat to the park behind the High school  instead of playing nicely with the other kids at the VFW Hall. 
7) Separation Anxiety: AKA -clingy baby who cried at any movement by Mom for fear he would be abandoned. 
8) More food was worn in hair and by the floor than was consumed. Apparently mashed potatoes are the new hair gel. 
9) Always with the untimely diaper changes/Potty Breaks.  The VFW hall has curtains instead of doors on the stalls in the ladies bathroom. After actually finishing his business, the Toddler thought others may be up for a friendly game up Peek-a-Boo. 
10) "I had really fun time at Foonwal (Funeral) we go to another one?"

Thankfully my Sister came and sat with me and helped wrangle kids.  She was smart enough not to bring hers.  However an ongoing argument ensued  about whether or not he was in fact her nephew.

After such scandalous genealogical revelations were aired:
Including the likes of these earth shattering zingers:
Did you know that grandma is Mommy and Aunt Bs mommy?
Aunt B and Mommy are sisters, just like you and {the Big D} are brothers. 
 You are my nephew, and {my kiddos} are your cousins.


I not nephew!  I {The Toddler}!

I not a cousin, I not a nephew!

Nooooo, she not my Aunt, she just Aunt B....and she not my Nephew either!

Oh the horror, I know bud the world no longer makes sense.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

For the Love of a Nephew

An Aunt's love runs deep. So deep in fact that she will bust out her crafty, I-Got-A-Degree-In-Art-9-Years-Ago-Skills and apply them to make a Lightening McQueen Crazy 3 year old happy beyond his wildest dreams...for a least 5 minutes.

My sister in her spare time took a big honk'n piece of cardboard and painted, then cut out, The Toddler's favorite Pixar character and brought him to life. Hours and Days worth of work, envy from other Quasi-Cousins, for several minutes of awe and marvel. It ended up being one of his favorite birthday presents, of course homemade presents always are the best.

Because when you get something this cool, everyone needs to pose with it!
(PS-I am so strong I can pickup an entire car - Hooah!)

Me:  Look what Aunt B made for you honey! 
Toddler: And who make me the eyes?
Me: Aunt B 
Toddler:  Ohhh, who made me the wheels? 
Me: Aunt B 
Toddler:  Ooohh, and who made me the lights? 
Me: Aunt B made it all for you, everything on Lightening McQueen she made just for you! 
Toddler:  Oooh, she do really good job!.....Mommy, who make me Francesco?

He really does love it, he even has to give Lightening a hug every so often.

And of course like a responsible car owner, he makes sure to take him for a drive regularly.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Football is Like Life...

Football is like life - it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority. ~ Vince Lombardi

Uncle N was helping me teach the boys football last night.  Well he was actually just attempting to play catch with them. I viewed it as an important lesson though.  Sunday was the FIRST football game I have actually been able to watch this season, so far the boys don't share my love of watching the game.  They prefer the Bubble Guppies, Super Why, and Bob the Builder to the Green Bay Packers.  I'm beginning to wonder if they are really even mine. I jumped on the opportunity for someone else making football seem fun.  The rundown: catching skills leave a lot to be desired, aim is improving...attention span is not.
We can't run.  We can't pass.  We can't stop the run.  We can't stop the pass.  We can't kick.  Other than that, we're just not a very good football team right now. ~ Bruce Coslet
The Toddler has raised my hopes and then dashed my dreams of raising a future quarterback.  I tried to teach him the diamond method to prepare for catching, but this lead to him concentrating too hard on the shape his fingers were making as opposed to keeping his eyes on the ball. We'll call that a failed lesson, but one we will come back to at a later time. His aim started to improve and he actually came close to a spiral a few times.  However, he became too busy to continue playing catch, as he decided to have a tea party and then skip through the living room watering his imaginary flower garden.  The game was interrupted a few times for us all to have tea and smell the flowers.  I love his imagination, in fact normally I encourage it...I really do...but how do tea and flowers trump football?

The Big D was more into it, but would get sidetracked after throwing the ball.  He kept catching sight of and then subsequently remembering all the cool tractors at Grandma's house. I would direct his focus back by handing him the football and he would happily throw it. Then I  stood behind him and put his arms out and help him catch the ball.  He would clap and cheer for himself, excitement is good!  Left on his own though,  the arms remained outstretched and never moved until after the ball smacked him in the face and dropped to the ground.  After a while he became a bit lazy and just sat on my lap.  I will give him a break though, he got back up to throw the ball again...he is a bit clumsy and also got sacked a few times.

This all means one thing....footballs for Christmas!

If winning isn't everything, why do they keep score? ~ Vince Lombardi

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Photo Bomb 29

Dear Hubby,

More happened this week, but I guess my mind was pre-occupied with reflection.  I can't recall much of the day to day stuff.  The boys haven't been sleeping through the night, I have been living on coffee again.  I suspect it was also the beginning of Round 3 of teething for the Big D.  If you recall Round 1 brought 6 teeth, Round 2 brought 4 teeth.  In accordance with the pattern I believe he is working on 2 more, though I haven't figured out how it takes longer to break through less teeth.  The cooler weather and more time indoors has made for a restless family unit.  All the Toddler has been asking to do is to go play in the backyard.  All the Big D asked for is what ever big brother asked for.  I have a pair of snow-boots and snow-pants ordered, they should be here the beginning of the week.  Hand-me-downs should work for the little one.  

Thursday the boys and I drove to my folks when I got off work.  We had a funeral in town the next morning.  Weddings and Funerals - the only times big families get together.  It is a shame, but the way life goes.  Its odd all the little things that come to mind after someone passes.  Memories of running in and out of the store, years worth of trying on boots and jeans, saving up for a necklace or whatever shiny object caught my eye.  Admiring the long horn mount on the wall and knowing someday I would have one in my house. (I don' this point in my life I'm good with that)  A cheerful laugh, that familiar voice saying the rosary before mass every Sunday.  Looking back at my childhood I always keep a special fondness in my heart for those people that talked to me.  Not down to me, not in passing, but took the time to have a conversation with someone who always felt overlooked and making them feel important and equal.  My sense of home has changed.  I didn't realize it until I got the call from my mom at the beginning of the week. When I think of growing up and think of home, that special lady was part of it.  I hope I can become that kind of person myself, never the center of attention - but the glue that holds everyone together.

Playing Sick                                      and                                          Playing Doctor

Enjoying a messy yogurt breakfast!

 And of course...

...Making Faces
(A careful eye will spy the latest Care Package currently en route to you)

 I had thought we had gotten past the Big D being Mr Climb Climb Climb, 
I came out of the laundry room to him sitting on the counter-top.

The proximity of the knives scared me more than the height.

Showing off Lightening McQueen

The Big D enjoying the ever popular game of "Squish the Baby"

A peaceful and beautiful sight.

We also worked on a special project I will share with you later this week as get a few more finishing touches added.  As always we love you and miss you, and when you get home again I hope we can take more trips back to my old stomping grounds and spend time with family under happier circumstances.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sharing is Caring

Big D: Bite? 
Toddler: No Thank-you 
Big D: Bite? 
Toddler: No Thank-you 
Big D: Bite? 
Toddler: No Thank-you 
Big D: Bite? 
Me: Honey, brother has his own plate of food, just the same as yours.  You eat it okay?
Big D: Momma?
Me: Yes? 
Big D: Bite? 
Me: No Thank-you 
Big D: {finally gobbles up the food from his fork and giggles...reloads fork}... Bite?  
Me: *Sigh*...No Thank-you 

Ahhhh!  I am glad he likes to share and is so happy and willing to, but really I don't have the patience for repetition. I'll just tell myself we are all modeling and practicing manners.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lettuce is the new Apple

I was chopping veggies for a salad earlier in the week and the Toddler kept sneaking pieces of lettuce.  He finally grabbed the whole head and took off with it.  Establishing good eating habits right?  Either that or he is part bunny rabbit.

Nom Nom Nom

Monday, November 12, 2012

Et Tu, Brute?

Dear Hubby,

Courtesy of Winter Storm Brutus we have substantial snow abound.  Over the past weekend the windchill made it too cold for outdoor playtime so we stayed indoors.  On Saturday one set of neighbors cleaned our driveway with a Bobcat, then Sunday it snowed and blowed some more.  I had thought about shoveling everything off again that night, but as the wind was still blowing decided against it.  Monday morning I looked out and it looked like the street had been plowed, and I figured if I could get out of our driveway I would have it made and could shovel to my hearts content over my lunch hour.

When backing out though I noticed a car coming, so had to stop and lost my momentum.  Where are you going? No where!  It felt a lot like the first winter storm of 2010, I was stuck in our driveway...again.  I fought with a shovel and driving back and forth several times, but only half the street was actually plowed and the car was stranded on solid ice.  I called work and they said they would send the Dispatcher to come help get me out, also the neighbor came over.  Finally we got out, and our kind neighbors on the other side decided to really help me out and over the lunch hour brought in a Bobcat and cleaned out our driveway again.

I am so thankful to be surrounded by kind people. Embarrassed by how much help I need, but grateful none the less.

I didn't take a before, but the after was sure appreciated.

Does it make you feel a little bit better about being in a sand box?

Photo Bomb 28

Dear Hubby,

Another week down, another week closer to having you home...another weeks worth of pictures.  The temperatures have cooled down and the days are shorter now.  This means we spend more time indoors, and we already have Cabin/Spring Fever.  It might just be a long winter.

We love you and miss you as always.

The Toddler helping me make supper, 
and the Big D mad because he can't wear two pairs of shoes at the same time.

Showing off his Daddy Bear.
(I personally find it a bit creepy, but the boys love them)


Showing off the "Happy Birthday" Lightening McQueen