Sunday, November 18, 2012

Photo Bomb 29

Dear Hubby,

More happened this week, but I guess my mind was pre-occupied with reflection.  I can't recall much of the day to day stuff.  The boys haven't been sleeping through the night, I have been living on coffee again.  I suspect it was also the beginning of Round 3 of teething for the Big D.  If you recall Round 1 brought 6 teeth, Round 2 brought 4 teeth.  In accordance with the pattern I believe he is working on 2 more, though I haven't figured out how it takes longer to break through less teeth.  The cooler weather and more time indoors has made for a restless family unit.  All the Toddler has been asking to do is to go play in the backyard.  All the Big D asked for is what ever big brother asked for.  I have a pair of snow-boots and snow-pants ordered, they should be here the beginning of the week.  Hand-me-downs should work for the little one.  

Thursday the boys and I drove to my folks when I got off work.  We had a funeral in town the next morning.  Weddings and Funerals - the only times big families get together.  It is a shame, but the way life goes.  Its odd all the little things that come to mind after someone passes.  Memories of running in and out of the store, years worth of trying on boots and jeans, saving up for a necklace or whatever shiny object caught my eye.  Admiring the long horn mount on the wall and knowing someday I would have one in my house. (I don' this point in my life I'm good with that)  A cheerful laugh, that familiar voice saying the rosary before mass every Sunday.  Looking back at my childhood I always keep a special fondness in my heart for those people that talked to me.  Not down to me, not in passing, but took the time to have a conversation with someone who always felt overlooked and making them feel important and equal.  My sense of home has changed.  I didn't realize it until I got the call from my mom at the beginning of the week. When I think of growing up and think of home, that special lady was part of it.  I hope I can become that kind of person myself, never the center of attention - but the glue that holds everyone together.

Playing Sick                                      and                                          Playing Doctor

Enjoying a messy yogurt breakfast!

 And of course...

...Making Faces
(A careful eye will spy the latest Care Package currently en route to you)

 I had thought we had gotten past the Big D being Mr Climb Climb Climb, 
I came out of the laundry room to him sitting on the counter-top.

The proximity of the knives scared me more than the height.

Showing off Lightening McQueen

The Big D enjoying the ever popular game of "Squish the Baby"

A peaceful and beautiful sight.

We also worked on a special project I will share with you later this week as get a few more finishing touches added.  As always we love you and miss you, and when you get home again I hope we can take more trips back to my old stomping grounds and spend time with family under happier circumstances.

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