Monday, November 12, 2012

Et Tu, Brute?

Dear Hubby,

Courtesy of Winter Storm Brutus we have substantial snow abound.  Over the past weekend the windchill made it too cold for outdoor playtime so we stayed indoors.  On Saturday one set of neighbors cleaned our driveway with a Bobcat, then Sunday it snowed and blowed some more.  I had thought about shoveling everything off again that night, but as the wind was still blowing decided against it.  Monday morning I looked out and it looked like the street had been plowed, and I figured if I could get out of our driveway I would have it made and could shovel to my hearts content over my lunch hour.

When backing out though I noticed a car coming, so had to stop and lost my momentum.  Where are you going? No where!  It felt a lot like the first winter storm of 2010, I was stuck in our driveway...again.  I fought with a shovel and driving back and forth several times, but only half the street was actually plowed and the car was stranded on solid ice.  I called work and they said they would send the Dispatcher to come help get me out, also the neighbor came over.  Finally we got out, and our kind neighbors on the other side decided to really help me out and over the lunch hour brought in a Bobcat and cleaned out our driveway again.

I am so thankful to be surrounded by kind people. Embarrassed by how much help I need, but grateful none the less.

I didn't take a before, but the after was sure appreciated.

Does it make you feel a little bit better about being in a sand box?

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