Thursday, November 8, 2012

Photo Bomb 27

Dear Hubby,

This week I felt a bit scattered and everywhere...maybe because I was. And because of the holiday.  Our little house was buzzing with excitement for trick or treating.  We ran into the Big City last minute to get bigger sized clothes.  The problem with shopping your kids' closet for Halloween costumes early is the little buggers grow.  Their costumes turned out great though, and I love that they will hall cute minion hats to keep little ears warm.

Halloween was the last day for daycare before the new management took over.  With changes and cleaning scheduled they weren't going to open until the following Monday.  Luckily my mom met me halfway Thursday morning and agreed to take the boys a couple days early.  I drove to the ranch Friday after work.  It was an odd feeling having the house empty and no little ones to look after.

Saturday we helped grandma and grandpa move cows.  That was a highlight for both boys....and me too.  I miss it.  I miss being on the ranch, I miss being outside (even though my job was inside the pickup)

This picture reminds me of my sister and I growing up.

Getting into trouble...they moved every lever, turned each knob, and pushed each button.

The Toddler also was my flagging assistant while the cows were being moved across the highway to the south pasture for winter.  I plugged in and set the blinky-flashy light on the pickup, grabbed my orange flag and parked over the top of the hill with my flashers on to slow down traffic.  The Toddler was disappointed the "siren" wasn't making any noise, luckily he had something even better to get attention.  

The only traffic to come by was a hunter from North Dakota, at the time I wondered why he was smirking so much when I told him over the hill some cattle would be crossing soon, he could go slow and if the gates weren't open yet could probably slip past, but if they had already started across to please park and wait, it wouldn't take long for the herd to cross.  As he drove on I looked over and discovered a smiling batman had joined me for this particular mission.

Proper attire needed for moving cows: cowboy boots, carhart coat....and a batman mask.

                              Once we made it back home, he revealed his secret identity.

                         I batman!                                                                  Now I not batman!

Making funny faces

Cuddles with Grandma

The boys also loved getting to explore outside.  The Big D enjoyed running up to the camera and making his patent Squishy Face, very en vogue this fall.  The other big excitement was chasing after Grandpa's kitty cat and trying to locate his hiding place.

Happy about finding a fine specimen of grass.

Love their smiles!

I have no idea why we couldn't find the cat again....

The boys playing in the old culverts on the flat, just like Mommy and Aunty did growing up :)

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