Friday, November 9, 2012

Stranger Danger and Rock Concerts - In Other words a Great Birthday

My wonderful and loving sister gave me two tickets to The Dropkick Murphy's concert for my birthday back in August.  I had been impatiently waiting for November to roll around so I could fully enjoy my sweet gift.  We made the drive up Monday so we could spend the day shopping without an agenda!

We purchased glorious coffee beans and espresso at the Copper Colander.  Loaded up on the awesome giant muffins at Costco. Found some deals at Ross. Snooped around Pier One and I mentally redecorated both of our houses.  Romy was having a huge sale and for Military Appreciation Monday threw on an extra 20% off.  The Hubby being in the military was close enough for me to count, so I bought myself a sweet new scarf at 90% off.  It was fun, and I'm not usually one to enjoy shopping but it was a good day and a great way to kill time until the concert.


Say Hubby....what do you think of  a little corner desk for your computer?  Take up less room, tucked in the corner....what do you think?  PS - Don't you love the purple chair?

The fortune cookie read:
Music will be an important part of your life this week.
It's like the universe knew we were in town for a concert.

The first opening act: The Mahones

The 2nd Opener: Teenage Bottle Rockets.  Who I didn't really care for, maybe because they were vulgar, awkward on stage, or maybe just Heading Banging isn't my dealio. So I didn't bother to get pictures.

The Dropkick Murphys were amazing and well worth the wait.  Of course my favorite was the bagpipe solo.

I have always surprised people with my musical preferences.  I really do like a little bit of everything, and if it involves bagpipes and an electric guitar, you have my attention. Apparently I don't look like a typical fan of punk rock though.  At the concert I realized....I REALLY REALLY don't look the part of the typical fan. I don't rock a mullet, mohawk, frosted neon tips, ripped tights, spikes, gages and/or anything considered grunge.  Nor do I act like one. I am not a fan of crowds, I would prefer sitting in the bleachers to the jumping around in the mosh pit or participating in the Pit Circle (which seemed to me just asking to be trampled like an old fashioned B Western Stampede.)  I could handle the clapping was loud enough no one would no if I was off beat anyway.

Example of the norm at the concert:

Me and my sister:

I also felt old because of being the-stick-in-the-mud by encouraging my sister not to talk to every stranger that spoke to her....that lead two naturally curly haired girls into buying curling irons earlier that day at the mall.  To be fair mine was a flat iron, but I was still suckered into it.  I had kept walking to ignore the schpeel and give her the opportunity to have an out aka - "I gotta go catch up with my sister/friend".  She didn't go for it and began to feel bad about abandoning her and came back.  She did get free prom hair out of the deal.  Also a quick Google search on Royale found decent reviews for the actual product, and we got to  hone pretend we have bartering skills.

The creepier stranger danger encounter was after the concert when some guy I couldn't even hear talking to us (my hearing was shot, ringing, deafness, and blown out speaker sensation going on) caught her attention.  I saw her stall, I said "keep walking to the pickup", noting by the guy's eyes that he clearly wasn't all there.  I got in the pickup and kept an eye on her via the rear-view mirror. In retrospect she probably couldn't hear me either.

Sister: You left me 
Me: You don't have to talk to every stranger you meet.  Did you not learn anything from the mall?
Sister: But he was talking to me, I had to find out what he said.
Me: Well, what did he say? 
Sister: I just need one bag of cocaine.
Sister: So I said "oh, I'm sorry I can't help you"
Me: No more talking to strangers, I mean it.
At least she politely informed him she wasn't a drug dealer.

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