Saturday, November 10, 2012

Nosferatu or Something Slightly Less Sinister

You remember from the last week's Photo Bomb that the Toddler took a liking to his batman mask?  The thing might have bat calling powers...for real.  Either that or it was a curse bestowed upon me because we were talking about bats at work last week.  Bats are pretty much flying mice with wings as far as I'm concerned, and you all know how I feel about mice.

While staying at my parents house, my guest bed is the living room couch.  You know, out in the open without protection from house intruders, spies, villains, mayhem, bats...

I come out of the bathroom and walked into the kitchen just in time to see a bat flying around!  With pure malicious intent and I could tell it was honing in on my hair, cuz' that's what bats do right?  But, because I am brave and heroic and have always been one to step up with courage when the actual moment calls for it, I let out a scream and ran back into the bathroom and slammed the door shut.  Then I thought I'd better suck it up and make sure it really was a bat, so I opened up the door and crept back towards the kitchen. There I saw my nemesis once more flying around.  So I did the only logical thing one could do,  let out another scream and hit the light switch on my way running back to the bathroom!

In case you aren't familiar with the layout of my parents house, that particular light switch is for the bathroom andnot the kitchen. That still doesn't explain why I also seemed to have forgotten than bats like the dark not the light! I panicked alright?

 I have included a visual to help you follow along, kinda like drawing it out with a crayon.

So there I am, hiding in the pitch black bathroom wondering how to tell if the bat is in there with me.  I hear my parents door open and my Mom lovingly say "What is your problem?"

Because they are understanding like the way and am I the only one who noticed it took TWO screams to rouse their interest?  Really where is the love? Your curiosity isn't roused after one blood curdling scream?  They also didn't seem to initially buy my story of a bat either. We looked around and couldn't find it and they were content to just head back to bed.  I was not content with that plan at all.  I wasn't ready to stay out in the open unprotected from a flying rat.  I pulled my hoodie on my head and helped in the search, and spotted the vermin on the floor by the bathroom. (It was following me! Again the turning OFF the light was not my most brilliant plan)  Then scurried to the couch and huddled down while Dad picked it up with a napkin and reintroduced him to the wild out the back door.  Just thinking about the sound it made still gives me goosebumps.

Bats aren't exactly a rare thing, its just the cats used to catch them.  Or you would see them outdoors, where I can tolerate them much better.  Trapped in the same room together...different story.

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