Sunday, June 3, 2012

Photo Bomb 5

Dear Hubby,

I am incredibly grateful that we have been able to Skype as much as we have this week.  For once the week has actually flown by. I do attribute that to being able to hear from you.  It eases my worries.

The Toddler was running a fever Tuesday night, so he ended up spending a couple of days with your Mom instead of going to daycare. (Thank God for your mom, she has been amazing)  His fever broke, but he ended up with a nasty cough and losing his voice.  I took him in to the clinic Friday and of course he acted perfectly healthy.  So we left with the blessing to take him back to daycare....where I got a call from daycare that afternoon that the fever was back.  After calling the clinic the notes said he probably has bronchitis.  So one kiddo off drugs, and the other one on.

The Big D is in fine health.  Completely over the ear infection(s). He is a walking destructive tornado though.  I have trouble keeping up after his path of chaos.  He is lucky he has a cute smile and giggle...but I feel he should be tethered to the ground.  I see rock climbing in his future.

As always train hard and stay safe. We love you very much!

A rare sight....a mobile baby sitting still

 Apparently everyone really does have a little Captain in them

 The Big D has learned to hoard pieces of food in the high chair so he always has a snack ready

The "house" is still one of the more popular toys 

Though I haven't been invited in lately 

He's got swagger

No Mom's allowed!

We have been working on breaking the Toddler of the sippy cup and moving to a regular cup. 

 The Big D is completely off the bottle and seems to be content with his sippy cup.

The Toddler playing Angry Birds on my phone (aka - excuse to get my phone and try to call Daddy)

The Big D's motto this week - Climb, climb, climb!

Oh Hi!

Doesn't it look like they are sharing and playing together so nice?

They really weren't

If I blend in with the can't find me to put me to bed!

Try and get me Baby!

Got you!

Baby Up

Baby Down: dang bucking toy boxes 
(doesn't that sound like watered down cursing?)

If you get bucked off... gotta get back up and try again

Got Him!

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