Sunday, June 17, 2012

Southern Charm, Day 2

No offense to any lovers of Western Texas, but I was not all that charmed by El Paso.

My thoughts (Day 1 in Texas, Day 2 of the trip)
  • Was Fort Bliss named after somebody or is the name just a cruel joke?
  • I don't do heat well...awesome the low for the week is 98F.
  • Ooh, look at all the pretty metal scroll work on the windows of that and that house!! Oooo and that...wait a minute, they all have them... Uh guys!  All the windows have bars on them!  I'm not getting a great vibe, maybe we should find the hotel now?
  • So the image in all the B Westerns of skinny cows with ribs sticking out eating cactus because that is all there is to eat: NOT invented by Hollywood.  That is West Texas.
  • These cockroaches are big enough to pack me away. Don't try stepping on one or three more will charge! Suddenly the  La Cucaracha song has lost all charm...
  • I am happy the Hubby is National Guard and as his wife I don't have to move here!

We arrived in El Paso Monday morning and ate our 1st real meal, that didn't come from a gas station, at Cracker Barrel.  Running on no sleep, coffee, and energy drinks I found my stomach upset and feeling hungover.  Gracious I'm getting old!  The first thing we all did when we finally found the hotel was take a big fat nap!  Then we went to the base and did a little shopping and grabbed another bite to eat.  There was  back and forth debating as to if we would get to see our soldiers or not (their passes didn't start until Tuesday, and none of the soldiers were on the same page as to if we were allowed to visit) the end, we did get to see them.  Of course we weren't allowed in the barracks (which was fine by me).  The Hubby walked me around, gave me a short tour, and had me pet feel the fake grass turf...not sure the point of it, but it was the only greenery to be found, which made it somewhat of a big deal.

I was floating on cloud nine.  Suddenly I couldn't image a more perfect place in the world, I was standing right next to my husband.  The hardest part?  As he was in uniform I wasn't allowed any PDA.  No hugging, kissing, hand-holding...nothing.  20 hours in a van, standing close enough to smell his aftershave...and I was supposed to keep my hands to myself.  He cracked first!  After 10 minutes he gave me a big hug, then we took a walk (holding hands, unless we met other soldiers). I was taking whatever I could get, and was giddy from head to toe!

Did you know that a soldier in uniform:
  • Can't talk on a phone and walk at the same time.
  • Can't have have their hands in their pockets 
  • Must keep their right hand empty/free at all times (in case they need to salute)
  • If you are walking beside them you should be on the left (see above)
  • Can't show any PDA
  • They may link elbows for escorting someone, but if more than one woman accompanies him,  it must be the older woman (ex: mother before wife)
  • Depending on the unit, they also not be allowed to chew gum or smoke in uniform 

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