Sunday, June 24, 2012

Photo Bomb 7

Dear Hubby,

This photo bomb is a little late going up...that and the boys and I weren't together for most of the week...but we tried to get some smiley pictures for you...and a bunch of pictures of the boys playing in the backyard.  After a week of being away from home, the first thing they wanted to do was "play backyard!".  So play we did. Hopefully the weeds greenery in the background will satisfy your want of updated pictures of the lawn.

I did get some of that spray stuff you told me to put on the lawn...I just haven't gotten to it yet. (Imagine that?)  The Toddler was upset with me because I didn't bring you home...and I got a taste of snubbing from both of the boys for leaving them.  Luckily they got over it rather quickly...probably because they had to, for the most part the three of us are home alone.

We love you bunches and bunches! (I am also working on getting some updated pictures of your crops in the near future, so stay tuned)

 Smiles for Daddy!

The Big D likes to be different - Squishy face for Daddy!

 The Toddler showing off his new Horse

 His horse getting a hug from his "daddy" - the Zebra
according to the Toddler "Daddys and babies love each other"

 The requested picture of our front lawn.  We have grass!

 Our Backyardigans!

They are just asking to get put to work!

I love this picture of him!

Got Dirt?

 Always looking for trouble...luckily he isn't tough enough to turn on the water....yet!

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