Tuesday, June 5, 2012

More gratitude

I received a call last night from one of the Hubby's relatives that retired from the National Guard and he volunteered the services of himself and son to come mow my lawn!  Remembering that we had seeded the front lawn he said he would bring a  push mower to take it easy on our new grass, and knock the backyard down with a riding mower.

I had almost forgot about all this tonight when I heard a lawnmower going out back.  At first I thought the neighbors were mowing, and then found out the neighbors were helping mow the front and the Hubby's cousins were in the back yard.  They moved hoses, picked up rocks out of the lawn and did a great job! (I had meant to get the mowing done, but I am too much of a weeny to get our pull start mower to start)

The Toddler ran into the neighbors house to play with their kids and they graciously welcomed the intrusion and the both boys had a blast. I just fell so blessed and thankful to have such great friends/neighbors/family helping me out.

PS-Hubby, I owe you a picture of our lawn.  Isn't it pretty?

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