Sunday, June 17, 2012

South Bound and Down

I've been gone a few days...and I don't even feel bad for not updating the blog.  Why?

I found out the guys were getting a couple of day passes! and 4 other lonely army wives planned a trip to travel across country and see our men!

Heading out!
Work graciously let me leave, even though I used up all my vacation the week before Hubby deployed.

My Mom graciously agreed to watch the grand-kidlets for the week. {Thanks Mom!}

Five women in a van, buzzing with the anticipation of seeing our soldiers!

The traveling was a little rough...20-ish hours one way. We stopped only to gas up and use the bathroom.

It was so worth it

I was  in heaven. Though it was hotter than Hell. (Texas stayed a balmy 100F+)
Love you so much honey.  I was a great chance to remember who we are together, and what brought us together before kids.

I can't begin to describe how proud I am of my Husband.

The Hubby has been in the National Guard for 10 years, he joined at 17.

This is his 2nd deployment, the first was before we met. (If we are going to be technical, actually we first met in high school, but didn't realize that until our first date 6 years later)

I do find myself throwing a pity party sometimes, when the being alone gets hard.  But mostly I am swelled up with pride.  With the day in age we live in, everyone thinks they are "owed/deserve" what the Jone's down the street have...its nice to know I am married to a man willing to work for and protect what he has earned.

Definitively a man worth waiting for.  When I close my eyes I can still feel his arms around me, and count down to the day that feeling isn't just a memory.

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