Saturday, June 9, 2012

Photo Bomb 6

Dear Hubby,

This week the boys were my helpers....well the Toddler was my helper.  The Big D was more of a nemesis.  They loved the recorded books you sent, and are still reminding me they got to talk to Daddy on the computer.  In fact both of them  now keep a close eye on the computer. The Big D comes over every time I log in and starts hitting my leg saying "Dadda Dadda".

In looking back through the other photo bomb posts I decided that I really needed to get some pictures up proving I do dress them everyday.   Pants aren't as uncommon as they may seem based in pictures, I just usually remember to take them in the evening between supper and bath-time.

It definitively warmed up here and started to feel more like summer.   I'm not sure how much moisture we got, but it did rain a few times.  In fact  it is raining now as I type this.  We also went to the neighbors birthday party last night, everyone says hi!

We love you bunches and are very proud of you!

I'm cooking you some supper Mommy

No help me Mommy, I do it

Need to open this
I love that he pushes out his tummy when he concentrates.

The Toddler listening to you read him Winnie the Pooh before bed

The Big D snarfing down strawberries...and staining my carpet

We have entered separation anxiety,
Mom is not allowed to wander around.

Although, here he may just want more food

Dr. Toddler

Giving baby his "medicine"

The Toddler thought we should take a picture of the backyard, so here ya go

Watching some cartoons while mom does the dishes

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