Monday, June 18, 2012

Rash Decisions

I came back from my road trip to the Big D having a rash.  He developed it on Thursday and I ended up taking him in on Sunday. Saturday when I got back I was running on 2 hours of sleep, 28+ hours in a van, and only caffeine in my veins. It was bedtime first and foremost.

I posted pictures to facebook. (I am still so used to running things by the Hubby, that sometimes it is hard for me to make a decision without feedback)  Feedback I received!  In the end as there was no fever or other symptoms, and he had a healthy appetite, was in a good mood, and wasn't uncomfortable I wasn't too worried. (Hubby if you are reading this, I know you are calling BS on me not being worried...haha, you know how my mind works.  For everyone else, read on for insight in my thought process)

FB Post: Laundry soap change? Looks like the rash {my child} had when we used Tide.
My Thoughts: certain laundry soaps cause me problems...but I think my rash was different
FB Post: Looks like a eczema type thing but should probably take him in tomorrow if it does not look a lot better.
My Thoughts: my sisters kid got that, might have to give her a call
FB Post: I've seen this rash several times....Roseola was one...and strep will do a similar thing....BUT those are not usually over the entire body
My Thoughts: hmm...this is definitely everywhere
FB Post: used to get that when we changed laundry soaps......We could clear it up with benedryl
My Thoughts: I had some benedryl, so I gave him a little before bed.  Good parenting decision self.
FB Post: one of my kids had this but it went away on its own.
My Thoughts: okay, this is normal, he seems happy so its probably fine
FB Post: That is common with the 1 yr shots. I don't remember which shot can cause that, but for sure its from the shots.
FB Post:{At my son's 1 year shots} they told me about 2 weeks or so after he could spike a fever, or get a few pox...but to treat like teething...with otc meds.
My Thoughts: hmm...could he get chicken pox from the vaccine?  wouldn't he be itchy? The Toddler doesn't have it, so maybe its not something catchy...but the Toddler does already have the vaccine, so he shouldn't catch it. 
FB Post: If he doesn't have a fever and it's not bothering him I wouldn't do anything.
FB Post: If he was out in the weeds could be chiggers...but still no need to take him in. Use calamine lotion and/or clear nail polish!
My Thoughts: Chiggers?! What the heck are chiggers? Googling Chiggers...EEWWWW!!  Okay he isn't itching though....ugh I hate bugs.
FB Post: Looks like he has the blister type thing on his knuckle which looks like hand foot n mouth I'm willing to bet that's what it is
My Thoughts: weird flash on camera, doubled checked him again, no blisters
FB Post: Rashes are hard to figure out but if he develops a fever definitely take him in. If he still has it Monday I would take him in. You never know it could be from a tick bite too I know ticks are thick all over this year. I would definitely take them in just to be on the safe side.
My Thoughts: no fever, not seeing any bite marks...ugh I hate ticks, now I feel itchy and like things are crawling all over me.  I wish the Hubby was here to check me for ticks and chiggers. 
FB Post: And if the shots were 3 weeks ago it shouldn't be that at all. We don't give babies their MMR shots until 15 to 18 months old because of all the hype on autism there has been but they get so many at once anymore so the Doc's I work with just have us wait to give that one until later.
My Thoughts: Crap he did get the MMR at 12 months!! Wait didn't they determine the autism thing was a hoax? Maybe not if doctors are still concerned. Wait, shouldn't my doctor be more concerned?  Okay now, I AM concerned!
FB Post: Fifth disease maybe? Does {the Big D} have a "slapped cheek" look on his face? It's kind of hard to tell from the picture. There is no treatment other than Tylenol or Ibuprofen if he gets a fever.
My Thoughts: the toddler had 5th disease last year, time to call mom and see if it happened all at once or started at the face.  Though it doesn't look the same I don't think.
FB Post: {My kid} had a rash just like this before [...] and the Doctor said it was just a virus.
My Thoughts: hmm...well viral they don't do anything for, wonder if it is contagious.  if I didn't have to take him to daycare tomorrow I would just keep an eye on it and wait it out.
FB Post: I would take him in to find out for sure though if I were you as there are several illnesses that can cause rashes according to my handy dandy "What to Expect the First Year" book. It doesn't sound like an emergency room visit, but maybe a Monday clinic visit!
My Thoughts: he really isn't acting ill, but maybe it is an early symptom...I could pop in Monday for a quick looksy.
FB Post: I did hear hand, foot, and mouth is going around...I would imagine the shots wouldn't suddenly cause a reaction 3 weeks later.
My Thoughts: still not thinking that- I think he would be fussy, I do remember the nurse saying he could develop a reaction 2 weeks out...where are those information papers they sent me home with?
FB Post: If there are no other s/s it's viral. If he's happy, eating & drinking as usual let him be.
My Thoughts: ...he does seem fine, and this is coming from a RN. I'm sure he is fine....but viral would still be contagious wouldn't it?  Daycare wouldn't want him spreading anything around....but the Toddler doesn't have it...hmmm
FB Post: hives?
FB Post: Maybe whoever he was staying with has a pet or uses detergent his body doesn't agree with? Its too bad he is so young and you cant give allergy meds cuz at least then you could eliminate that from the possibilities.
My Thoughts: he did get the full farm experience: cats, dogs, chickens, lambs, and a day of branding calves, lots of outdoor time, but I think he has been around all that before.....Crap I gave him benydrl!! I swear a doctor told me that was safe before...ughh maybe that was for the Toddler?  Why am I left unsupervised with my children? Horrible parenting decision, what were you thinking self?
FB Post: With hand foot and mouth ... {mine} had sores in between their toes and in their mouth and it was rather miserable ... you would know if he had it because he would be letting you know!! If he doesn't have a fever and is happy I would powder it up and let him role!
My Thoughts: Okay, yeah, I don't think that's it. Wonder what kind of powder to use?
FB Post: Two of mine also were really sensitive to soaps and ... certain diapers and they all would break out in this kind of rash for all sorts of reasons from teething, heat, allergies you name it.
My Thoughts: Well I do have sensitive skin, he is teething, and it has been warm...if it could be anything maybe I should take him in? Or is it just a common thing so I wouldn't need to?
FB Post: {My kid} always had a rash with strep and if strep is left untreated it can lead to scarlet fever.
My Thoughts: YIKES!!!  I know that is not good....The Big D is not impressed as I try to check the back of his throat for white spots.  
 And didn't Mary from Little House on the Prairie go blind from that?  Pretty sure I remember Grandma talking about people dying from Scarlett fever too!  
I noticed he was cutting 2 teeth, and caught him pulling on his ear. Which he seems to like to play with ever since big brother tried to teach him body parts. *Overly Dramatic Sigh* Nothing is ever cut and dry.  I did also get to thinking that daycare probably wouldn't want him there with a mystery rash/Scarlett fever, and I just took a week off from work, so missing another day wouldn't be that great. So I took him into the walk in on Sunday so I would at least know what I was dealing with come Monday. 

The first 2 possibilities.
  • Mild Case of Chicken Pox as a result of the vaccination (2 1/2 weeks before breakout)
  • Dermatitis from laundry detergent/hygienic soap. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

He didn't have a fever, no ear infection, wasn't scratching, and otherwise was in  great health.  It was an easy diagnosis for the Doctor, especially combined with the fact that I am sensitive to soap and break out so we only use allergen free soaps at home.  He just has sensitive skin and had a reaction to the laundry soap at my mom's.  It was already on the way out and I had peace of mind.

***PS - If anyone got scared from the facebook diagnosis, it isn't contagious or viral, nothing is going around, he is healthy and happy, he probably won't die or go blind....and he was only crying in the picture because I wouldn't let him play with his toys while I was posing him for pictures.  My advice for other moms is that if there aren't other signs or symptoms and your child is happy its fine to wait it out without feeling guilty.  However if you are still worried and or have a gut feeling - that is motherly intuition, listen to it.***

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