Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Care Packages 5, 6 & 7

I am horrible at actually taking pictures of the care packages...I remember that step after I have already taped the boxes up.  My Hubby asked me to hold off on care packages for awhile because of concern over space restraints and the availability of many supplies. So I tried to hold out as long as I could...at least while he was stateside.

If I am sending him something, I feel like I am supporting him, taking care of him, and comforting him.  I know it is supposed to be about him not me, but I feel helpless when a long time passes and I don't hear from him and writing emails and letters don't seem to cut it for me.  So there you have the truth, sending him packages is as much for me as it is for him.

Anywho...I noticed a lot of the other wives posting about sending packages, what they were sending, and a few even shared what their soldier was requesting.  After pestering inquiring the Hubby about what his needs might be, I ended up with one request...which somehow equates to 3 packages from me.  I'm gonna say something gets lost in the translation or the Walls of Restraint Broke. He would say I tend to overdo things.

Care Package 5: Home Away From Home
My original plan for this one was to send a spray bottle of Febreeze, updated picture of the boys and me, a journal, and mattress pad, and an extra sheet set (with the pillow case in a ziplock bag with a squirt of my perfume).  The idea behind the Home Away From Home Package was to give him some comforts of home and in my mind, make home feel a little closer for him.  Then when he said a mattress pad wouldn't be a bad idea because the mattresses were pretty thin and uncomfy,  it meant to me that it was completely necessary for me to do a comfort bed makeover. So I decided the cheap orginal mattress pad would need returned and upgraded. He also said do not send the extra sheet set, he didn't need it. (Totally keeping the pillowcase idea for down the road though...either that or the old trick of spritzing the handwritten letters)

What ended up in the Package: 4" Memory Foam Mattress topper(here is where the Hubby would accuse me of overdoing things again, but I think he will appreciate it...he usually does). It came in a large box and I decided to tape the heck out of it and send it as is...so I didn't have room for the other non-requested items.

Care Package 6: Red, White & Blue...sort of 
With the 4th of July coming up I wanted to give a themed package another shot.  He hadn't requested anything, he is a very low-maintence-make-due-with-what-you-have guy...with a weird combination of picky thrown in.  So he is a hard person to "wing it" with.  I picked out some snack food that I knew he liked and would be a good source of protein/energy if any missions meant messing the chow hall and some stuff to satisfy his sweet tooth. Where I could I looked for red, white, or blue food and/or packaging.

What ended up in the package: Red licorice, Trail mix granola bars, Ritz cracker stacks with EZCheese (in a Ziplock bag), jerkey, and oreos stuffed with blue frosting.  I also threw in a filled out address book and envelopes, in case he may want to write letters (also for a future Care Package Plan - more on that later), a written letter from me with the Toddler's drawings on back...and front...he got a bit carried away with the pen.

Care Package 7: For Your Family
The recordable Hallmark books have been great for us.  The boys love hearing Daddy's voice and hearing him read to them...and I actually appreciate being able to hear his voice as well.  Phone calls are a such luxury. With the time difference, the internet being great or reliable his voice is something that is treasured in our household.  The last time I was at WalMart I noticed they had four books that we didn't already have, so I picked them up. I think the boys will love getting something in the mail from Dad. I also threw in a Mattress pad thing to go under the flat sheet that is water proof...I don't know how hot the living quarters are, or how good the a/c is...but if he sweats a ton I thought it would serve as some protection for the spendy Memory Foam Mattress Topper I sent, and add a little bit more cushion.

What ended up in the package: The recordable books that he can send back home to the boys whenever he gets a chance and the mattress pad...which also worked well as package cushioning to protect the books.

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