Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Grass is Always Greener

...when you actually have grass that is. Although weeds can give your lawn that nice green look and fool people from a just isn't the same.  Our backyard is gloriously green...but only with weeds.  After the dirt work the Hubby did before leaving,  our yard is nice, level, and sloped away from the house to prevent water in our basement.  However it only has a few patches of actual lawn now.  I didn't get around to seeding it.  So it is what it is...and what it is - is weeds.

Our front yard actually has grass!  Don't worry though, we didn't discriminate and segregate (No 'grass in the front,  weeds in the back' policy) weeds are represented in plenty in both areas. I may be planning a little plant genocide, but shhhh...they don't know yet.  The front yard grass really is coming in pretty least in my humble opinion. It beats the brown mud puddle we had before. Plus its easy to enjoy a lawn when  you  are spoiled, I have nice neighbors that check in on me mow it for me!

My Hubby really only has a few requests for while he is gone.  Pictures of his lawn, his crops, and his kids.  So far I'm batting 1 out of 3.  I tried to pawn off the crop pictures on his little sister as she is actually living out at the farm...but apparently 17 year old girls have a pretty busy summer schedule, especially when the big brothers are gone and have jobs.  I have sent a few pictures of the lawn, but nothing on a  regular basis....but from my weekly photo bomb posts you can see I am nailing pictures of the kidlets!

My promise to you dear Husband: I will make the effort to get you your weekly crop pictures...for now though here is our lawn.

The Back Forty:


The North Twenty 

 The Up Close and Personal Shot (yes I am spraying the weeds tonight babe)

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