Friday, June 22, 2012

Worrisome Words

You know what number I hate writing out? 40

I put an inordinate amount of time thinking about how to spell out that word Every. Stinking. Time.

4 - FOUR
40 - FORTY (wth? it messes with the mind)

Whats up with that for real? Is it too good for the letter 'U'? Is 40 just a snotty number that thinks its too good for me...and U?  I think kindergartens everywhere would thank me if we just add the frick'n extra letter in for consistency....and cut down the extra thought process in writing out checks.

Another word frustration I have is pronunciation.

Like 'Creek'.  Everyone is aware that you can say it cr'eeeek!'(there's a mouse) or cr'ick' (I am not eating that!).  I don't know how I say it.  Really, I don't.  When a discussion comes up  about it I get all confused. I am pretty sure I have said it both ways...then I don't know which sounds right. Then the people are arguing back and forth...and I don't know which side I'm on.  Is this what a fence sitter feels like in a political battle?

Apparently I also don't pronounce the word 'Corral' properly.  Growing up on a ranch, marrying a farmer and working in a number of them you would think I could say it without being would be incorrect.  I have a habit of picking up on accents from people I am around and certain words stick....hence the elongated 'O's I throw around after living in South Dak'OH'ta for college. As I result I have boycotted the word 'corral' and you will NOT hear me say it, ever.

We won't go in to my former struggle with the letter 'R'.  Only that I came out victorious after speech therapy down in the grades and am still self-conscious about saying words like "rural".
Am I alone in this?  Do you have a pet peeve word to spell/say?

I just thought of another one! I was informed in college that people couldn't tell the difference between how I said "Mail" and "Mayo" solve this problem I just dropped using the word Mayo and now say mayonnaise or miracle whip. But honestly, they are totally different words and don't sound alike when I say them....I just struggle finding people to agree with that statement. Either that or my sister wasn't lying and I really was adopted...from somewhere in the deep south. I am beginning to think speech therapy taught me avoidance rather than overcoming obstacles in speech. I'm cool with that.

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  1. ha ha ha...I prefer you to say it wrong so I can mock you and then tell you the correct way to say or spell it. Love ya Sis