Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 3 - The Only One For Me is You

I slept in because I could, and because I was still exhausted from traveling.  Then I heard the sound I had been dying to hear.  Knocking at my door.  My soldier officially had his day pass!  There he was in uniform...asking if I remembered to bring him regular clothes...he was eager to get into a pair of shorts in a t-shirt.  I was just eager to see him, I forgot about 1/2 the stuff he asked me to bring...but I did remember his civies (civilian clothes) We had the entire morning to ourselves.  Somethings are taken for granted, but with two little ones and a million other things going on in our day to day lives, I can't tell you the last time we as a couple actually took time for us. After this deployment is over, I really hope we don't take the "us time" for granted anymore.


We walked over to the nearest restaurant and had lunch with two other couples and established we didn't have huge plans.  Everyone was thinking the same thing: enjoy having your spouse all to yourself.  One of the wives I rode down with is from my home town, and our Hubbies are good friends.  So we ended up making some plans together.  After heading back to our rooms for a post feast siesta we grabbed a taxi to base and got the grand tour of Fort Bliss.  We also caught a movie,  Snow White and the Huntsmen.  It was darker than the Disney version and supposedly followed the Brothers Grimm story closer, I might have to reread it, because I had some doubts about that.  Either that or Kristen Stewart just bugs me enough I had to find fault with it. I still couldn't get over having a date with my husband and not having to worry about getting back to the kids though.  It really brought us back to what brought us together.

There was a neat  outdoor space with seating and a fountain.  Kids ran through there all day long, and at night it lit up...not going to lie, I felt like running through it too!

I really wanted to take picture earlier in the day when the little kiddos were splashing around...but decided it would be creepy to take pictures of other peoples kids.

We also found out overnight passes had been granted for the soldiers with spouses in town.  I slept the best I have in ages, with a strong pair of  arms around me.  Something about an empty bed, just doesn't make for sound sleeping.

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