Sunday, June 24, 2012

Photo Bomb 8

Dear Hubby,

The boys were getting to be past the need of haircuts.  The Toddler was looking like a hippy with sideburns long enough to be mutton chops...and the Big D had a self grown mullet going on.  I wrangled your mom into coming along to help me with the boys for their hair appointment.

The Toddler traditionaly isn't a big fan of haircuts.  He wasn't sure about sitting up by himself and did his best to convince the stylist that the Zebra needed a haircut more than he did.  Luckily she is a pro.  She was armed with a cup full of M&Ms, an extra comb and 2 spray bottles of water...soon he was having too much fun to remember he was even getting his haircut! (Everyone else ended up wet and in need of a towel)

The Big D wasn't too sure what to think.  It kind of tickled, he was more interested in checking himself in the mirror...and holding still isn't very high up on his to do list. But brother fed him some M&Ms and he got to smack me around in the face with a comb, so all in all he tolerated his very first haircut pretty well.

Stay safe baby, we love and miss you.

 Zebra needs haircut!

  Looking pretty handsome (at least this Momma thinks so)

Hahahaha...that tickles! 

Doesn't he look devious?

 Lock and Load Boys! 

Before: the Big D rocking his mullet and eating the candy Grandma is sneaking him....I'm on to you lady!
(sidenote: I love my MIL's nails, she always has them done so neat)

  Business up front...Party in the Back!

 What is she doing?

I'm not sure about this

Ooooo...candy!  Thank you brother!

How do you like it Mom?
Take that....and that!

Hey what do you have?

 Being a nice big brother and sharing his candy.

 Much too busy to pose for good pictures of post haircuts.

But you get the point.

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