Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lets Go to the Zoo, Day 4 & 5

Day 4:
The first half of the day again was spent one-on-one.  Being together was wonderful, but we could only take so long holed up in a little room. We made plans for lunch, checking out Fort Bliss, and wandering around post again.  We met up with more travel buddy wives and their soldier hubbies and went on a quest for Authentic Mexican food. We drove around A LOT.  I'm not sure the process we were using to find the best place to eat...because there really wasn't one.  We were checking out ratings, names, and locations on our smart phones...nothing seemed to stick out.  The aimlessly cruising and keeping our eyes peeled for something was taking too long.  Finally someone pointed and picked a spot to pull over.

It was there that we picked up a slightly tipsy Mexican woman named Virginia, who hitched a ride home after our quest to find Authentic Mexican food (Which was a total success by the way, very yummy tamales!)  I could only make out every 5th word, and I'm pretty sure even her Spanish was slurred. I really thought we were giving her a ride to a doctors appointment, but at the end of the directions I think it was clear it was her house....I hope it was her house.

As we were out and about we also located the Zoo. We decided we couldn't get through it in an hour, as it was almost closing time.  The guys weren't concerned, they didn't want to go to the Zoo anyway. (Little did they know, their women were plotting a return trip...okay they really did know, but were busy scheming on how to get out of it.)

If I would have turned on the news  when we got back to the motel that evening,  I would probably have more to this story.  We saw no fewer than 20 cop cars hot in pursuit of something/someone(s) while in a less than desirable neighborhood because Ozzy got us lost again. (Our navigator Tom-Tom with Ozzy Osbourne's voice had not been updated recently and really wanted us to drive on nonexistent roads and had a pension for swearing and checking out questionable neighborhoods.)  Really I wonder if the programmers were going for good of a job do you think a burned out rocker would be at navigation?

We made it back in one piece though and decided after the guys got back from morning formation we would head to the zoo and beat the heat (well the wives decided this...that a picking up hitchhikers with a language barrier was probably not the best idea). 

Day 5:
Thursday we (aka: the wives, with complete disregard to the Husbands vote) decided for sure that we were going to check out the El Paso Zoo.  The guys took forever getting back to the hotel, there was some hold up so most of the morning was already gone before they returned.  I had packed along a couple of books for the trip so I made myself a cup and coffee and read Lets Pretend this Never Happened by Jenny Lawson aka: The Bloggess. (Check it out, its pretty warned on the salty side).  I ended up spending most of the morning reading waiting on my hunny to get back.

So much is getting to be a blur already.  I should have written up these posts sooner, or took a journal along on the trip.  I wanted to include pictures...but I will have to wait to update when the Hubby emails them to me.  I took them with his camera. Anyway, they got back, we strong armed them into a Zoo trip...and yep, that was our afternoon. (I promise, pictures will help the narration)

It was hot!  It was also fun getting to see all the animals and being out and about with my man.  It felt that a trip back in time to our dating days...expect I got a sunburn and wasn't on out on the river.  We ended up back at Bliss again, and had some ice cream and ate at Buffalo Wild Wings.  I mention Buffalo Wild Winds because it seems like the Hubby eats at one every school or training he is away for...and I had never been.  The highlight for me was you could play trivia with a little computer deal against other patrons and people from across the country.  Not to brag...but we did pretty dang good!

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