Friday, February 17, 2017

Twinning in the shop

My inlaws were out of town today so we delivered lunch to the farm. With a warm snap, and tired of being in the house we decided to hang out at the shop. Not sure it is my most brilliant plan.

We are out of the house, but the babies are limited to being held or in their carseats. Mom is getting more out of this outing.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Schay It Ain't Schlow

Mama, I want to schwim underwater like Arieal. Claire wants to.

Mama, I cant schleep.

Mama, I help you schweep the floor.

Bear tidbit. Words that start with the letter 'S' are pronounced 'Sch' or 'Shhh'. Why I don't know, but I find it adorable. She also randomly adds Ls.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Notes to self

Notes to self
  • Stop calling every member of my family honey. It gets too confusing.
  • Make it a priority to program the coffee machine before bed. The grinder going off is a better alarm clock anyway.
  • Throw out at least 75% of the Husband's T-shirts. That should make room for the ones he actually wears.
  • Find and sign up for a woodworking class.
  • Start putting together the tax stuff, extensions shouldn't be annual event.
  • Get a babysitter and go do something enjoyable with no guilt, even if it means going alone. Maybe a weekend trip.
  • Start supper before family members air grievances of hunger.

Kid Notes

Bear is obsessed with her dad and being a farmer. This topic deserves it's own post, so more on Farmer Claire later. There are days she will not answer to her name, unless is it preceded by 'farmer'.

Gracers when she gets mad, spits. I think I now understand my grandmother's saying. I will try to get a video, she is my only kid to do it. She takes a break from squawking to spit. We find it funny, I am not sure what that says about us as parents - laughing at the crying, angry baby. A lot of emotions experienced all at once.

Gracers also sticks her feet in her mouth, with preference for her right big toe. Big D used to put his toes in his mouth as a babe, my other kiddos didn't. So there is that.

Meekers hair is well past her nose and constantly in her eyes. Bug was the same and he financial received a haircut at 7 months. Meekers I can get away putting her hair in a ponytail, so I am hoping to put off haircuts. 

Bear so far has only ever had the haircut she gave herself, and she will 3 in a few months!

Bug and Big D both say they want to be home-schooled. Bug I am afraid, is finding school is too easy. Which has caused him to be in near constant trouble for talking too much and blurting out all the answers, and wanting to interrupt most subjects to share something he read in a book. 

Big D says school is boring, playing with friends is okay, schoolwork isn't interesting and as he knows he wants to be a farmer he would learn more if we just allowed him to go to the farm everyday with his dad. He is learning to read though, and we are both proud of his progress. He is very frustrated with words he can't sound out, or really anything that doesn't come easily. His teacher reports that he gives her a bearhug at the end of everyday (subs too). Substitute teachers are a huge exciting occurrence.

Most days here at home involve a lot of reading. Bear brings me books throughout the day. We read a least a chapter a day from a book outloud to the whole family (well Mom and kids anyway, Dad is typically off reading his own book) Bug both loves and hates this. He tries to sneak the book off to read ahead.

The big three love doing dishes, poorly, and with massive amounts of water everywhere.  But I tend to let them.  They are learning, having fun...and I just consider it rinsing before they go in the dishwasher.  Hey it keeps my counters shiny.